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Mo' Money, No Problems?

Does money mean an easy childhood?

One dollar bills piled on top of each other
Pile of Money

Does money shape your upbringing for the better? Some will say yes, some will say no. Have a think now to remember a point when money would have made your upbringing so much easier. There are arguments for both. Some will say yes because of the education side of the debate. More money means a child has more access to resources like books and better schools, therefore meaning that they should have a better upbringing in that respect. However, money cannot fix how others treat you and mental health issues, even if you have money, you can still be a victim of bullying, anxiety and depression. People with money are not immune to mental health, everyone has it and it does not discriminate.

Children of affluent parents are also more at risk of suffering from anxiety, substance abuse and depression than those coming from less well-off families. - The Meadowglade

Why richer children can suffer too

This quote shows that just because a child has affluent parents, it doesn't mean they have a smooth upbringing and a perfect life. People of more affluent, successful parents will be more likely feel higher amounts of pressure to do well themselves, in school, in sports and in post-education careers. This is because they want to be like their parents, and they feel their parents want them to be like them. Instead of making friendships, their parents may be more interested in their children making connections with other children who have affluent parents. The children will have to grow old and realise that money cannot fix everything which can put a strain on future relationships.

Due to affluent parents having to work a lot and having stress from their own lives. Their children can often be emotionally neglected. This can be the child not having deeper conversations because the parent never has time for them, this can lead to them not developing core communication skills which can affect the child's progress in education and work and future relationships. This feeling of neglect and loneliness can lead to a teenager filling the gaps with substance abuse such as drugs and alcohol. This can lead them down a dark path and they can end up in the wrong crowds who will want to take advantage of them. There is no doubt that money can help make a childhood better but the problems of it can't be ignored.

How can money help childhood?

The other side is that money can help an upbringing. A child with more money will have access to better schools. Better schools mean better education, they'll have access to better teaching, better resources, better clubs and much more. This means that they are more likely to achieve higher grades and go on to better universities. In addition to this, a child with affluent parents will be more likely to eat healthy food and have access to all nutrients needed for a healthy upbringing, as children in homes with a lower income may eat food that is quick and unhealthy. More affluent parents also mean more support during later life and university, they will more likely have help from parents and so will never have to worry about where their next meal will come from so they won't have that kind of stress growing up, unlike some children. Richer children will also have access to better help, such as private healthcare and mental health therapists which can help a child overcome issues and health problems, whereas children whose families are less off will have less access to those resources and may not be able to afford such treatment.

There is no doubt that money can help achieve a better childhood, but it is important to understand that money doesn't make children and adults immune to health issues, mental health problems and many other things that money can't just get rid of.

What do you think? Can more money definitely mean a better childhood? Or is it more complicated than that?

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