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MICROBLOG: Why Social Media is the Thief of Joy

Why is social media the thief of joy? Take some time to read this question.

Today, social media has changed the way we see our lives. We are custom to look on Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok, Facebook and YouTube. To see people’s lifestyles and obsessed with how many likes and followers. For example, I am a social media user. I use Instagram and Snapchat. On Instagram, you will find me strolling through peoples Instagram page. Seeing how many followers their have and looking at latest post. People with 100 followers to 100k followers and now a content creator. I am inspired but I remember I don’t have the qualities as them. When I take a picture, I feel like it’s not the same as the influencers on Instagram. On Snapchat I am custom to click on influencers story to see their lifestyles. Sometimes catching myself wishing to have their life. As a people we need to stop admiring the fake and start seeing what reality is.


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