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Love Regardless of Gender

What’s all the fuss about?

The controversy surrounding same sex couples still causes very intense emotions and disgust for some people, which is quite interesting, considering the fact that homosexual people have been among us for as far as we remember, so one would think “why is it such a big deal?”. Biologically, a male and female relationship is seen as a “standard”, as they are both needed to reproduce. But, our lives are not only about reproducing or living by societal standards. We are individuals and each one of us is different, whether that’s a different race, age, interests, status or talents. Whatever that is, why not embrace it?

If we look at the big scale, there is not a single major difference between a straight couple and gay or lesbian couple, apart from the gender of one person in these relationships. Other than that; they love and care about each other the same way, they respect each other, no matter their gender or sexual preferences. Our society constantly develops, so people as individuals can either resist those changes or go along with them, not blindly, of course. Some critical thinking and personal beliefs are really important to keep in mind, but when it comes to human rights and equality, we all should be treated the same.

Why is same sex marriage important?

While there was a civil partnership available to same sex couples, it was simply not good enough for them and there are plenty of reasons for it. First one being, that it’s not fair and equal to be denied from marriage, because of sexuality or gender. Marriage is usually seen as the greatest act of celebrating love with the other person that we love; it’s all the effort that’s being put into that ceremony and the vows. So now imagine not being able to celebrate that, because of things that shouldn’t really matter to begin with. At the end of the day, we love the other person for who they are, we love them because we enjoy spending time with them and we value their personality. It isn’t just about the gender of that person. Luckily, there are currently 34 countries that made same sex marriage act legal, some of them are: Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Malta and United Kingdom. As HRC’s website states, there are few more countries that are on their way to introduce same sex marriages in 2023.

How can we show our support?

First of all, we should listen to those people who want to be heard and who want to vocalise their struggles. We can validate them simply by listening, understanding and not judging them. As of now, many places have become more inclusive and respectful of LGBTQ+ members and will not tolerate any hateful speech or comments, because everyone deserves to feel safe and respected. Another thing is, you can take an active part in LGBTQ+ History Month, which is happening every February or Pride Month happening in June. If you don’t feel comfortable as an active attendant, you can educate yourself, other people and help them understand that different sexual orientations or identities are not scary or abnormal and should be respected. As adults, we should be role models for younger generations, teach them kindness and acceptance for others.

Children and teenagers can be easily influenced by their peers, so they should have a strong foundation that won’t break easily. It is especially hard for LGBTQ+ youth, because of bullying and harassment at schools, where there is usually a need to fit in and don’t stand out from your fellow peers. Discovering at a young age that someone feels more attracted to the same sex can be intimidating, so it would definitely help, if parents were more open minded and supportive for their children. Being gay or lesbian doesn’t make anyone any less of a person and should not be considered controversial. There is so much more to a person, isn’t it embarrassing to define a person only through their sexual orientation? How disappointing is that for us, as society in the 21st century. Luckily, thanks to millions of people speaking up for themselves, showing up to marches and events supporting LGBTQ+ community, things are going better and have potential to get to the point, where every one of us feels safe, validated and respected.


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