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LGBTQIA+: A Community


Exploring sexuality focuses on an individuals emotions, intimate desires, orientation, preferences and needs, physically and emotionally. Sexuality is an important part of an individuals self-identity and can have an impact on their mental health and well-being. Everyone's experience with sexuality is different and their Sexuality is unique to oneself. The Journey of discovering and learning about your sexuality may not be straightforward or easy as not everyone will have the same story. A common factor which can impact an individuals mental health is feeling "different" from people around them, the desire to fit in or be accepted by friends, family or society in general. When it comes to sexuality, it is very personal and important, first you have to develop the comfortability and confidence within yourself, understand what you want and desire within yourself, and then confide with family or friends. Expressing and sharing about sexuality may be a difficult and overwhelming experience as reactions are unpredictable and it may have an impact on your relationships. However, accepting your truth and understanding your worth is key, and there are benefits:

  • Increased self esteem

  • Developing deeper connections

  • Being you authentic self

  • Understanding your wants and needs

It's a normal feeling to seek validation of others around you and look for support, however its important to find validation in yourself first, as it is a personal subject and journey. Whether you keep it to yourself, find the courage to share, or continue to explore and grow, take your time and be positive. When it comes to others, a positive reaction - will give you more courage and assurance that you peers accept you for who you are. Even if its negative reaction - it can be temporary and feelings can change overtime even if this isn't the case don't let it hold you back or feel regret in your self-development, continue to be positive.

The community

The LGBTQIA+ has developed as a community over the years. The colours that represent the LGBTQIA+ Community are bright bold and colourful, the brand stands out to all, it highlights positivity in being proud and associated with the community. The term LGBTQIA+ represents many different people and is not just a term associated as a singular group. Its a community which explores different sexualities: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual and more. The purpose of the community is for people to be able to develop self-acceptance and express their sexuality, becoming confident in themselves without feeling judged, it gives people a sense of belonging, safety and freedom to explore.

Throughout the growth of the LGBTQIA+ Community, it has faced backlash with negativity, prejudice and homophobic behaviour directed towards them online and face-to-face including verbal and physical abuse, just for people exploring and finding themselves. The Community is open to create and spread awareness about sexuality and inclusivity as well as support anyone who may raise issues and concerns with their personal sexuality. The importance of a community is to bring people together, and that is what LGBTQIA+ is about. People within this community are worthy of respect and kindness, sexuality does not define an individuals character and shouldn't be a factor of judgement either.

Over the past 5 years and in 2023 currently, the LGBTQIA+ Community is being recognised, celebrated and accepted on a greater scale in comparison to 10+ years ago, it is a revolution of people from different gender, religions, ethnicity and more being a part of. As an individual in society, it is important to feel happy with ourselves, to be able to live willingly in our truths and not be scared. People will always have an opinion and not everyone will be accepting of change, that is how life is, but it doesn't change the fact that we are in a new era.

Being a part of a community which supports and welcomes you can have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing, its all about having the right support and people around you will make your journey easier. Inclusivity, Diversity and Empowerment are elements which the LGBTQIA+ represent, for more information or support visit LGBT Foundation - Home


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