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Let's Use the SDGs Targets Properly to Accomplish Advancements in Bangladesh

We can attain and improve Bangladesh if we use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) goals to set our targets because it is their intention to change the world. They serve as a call to action to eradicate poverty and inequality, safeguard the environment, and guarantee that everyone can live in peace, justice, and prosperity.

Bangladesh still has a few major issues that are preventing its growth, such as corruption, political instability, natural disasters, population growth, and inequality, which has caused Bangladesh to continue to fall behind other nations and make it impossible for its citizens to live in safety. Improving Bangladesh will also help the Bangladeshi community to remain safe and defeat poverty for good.

Please speed up, we need to fight this by implementing the SDGs!

Additionally, I am Bengali because both of my parents are from Bangladesh. I have visited the country twice, and it is true that corruption, poverty, and inequality are problems there. In my opinion, we can use these goals to help Bangladesh overcome these issues if we give them some donations in the form of food, clothing, and other necessities, as well as try to start one campaign there with the assistance of SDGs.

Furthermore, in order to combat the corruption that the Bangladeshi community must put up with, they should donate a lot of money so that they can build little homes for their families and distribute water cans to everyone.

As a consequence, anyone from anywhere should join SDGS and put an end to this!

The most crucial thing, in my opinion, is to combat poverty in any way possible, such as by putting together organisations that can assist or businesses that can step up for Bangladesh and work to ensure that everyone, especially the most vulnerable and poor, has equal access to economic resources, first-rate services, ownership of their own property, control over their land, and new technologies in places like schools or workplaces.

Aside from being unfair and endangering the health of millions of people, the rise in poverty also exacerbates inequality, which in turn weakens social cohesion and seriously slows economic progress.

Furthermore, the main causes of poverty (unemployment, social isolation, and significant disease and natural catastrophe risk for some population segments) fuel inequality and exacerbate malnutrition, a lack of access to education, prejudice, and exclusion. All of this contributes to crises getting worse, raises social and political strain, and causes all forms of conflict.

Please enlist the aid of anybody to combat this!

Lastly, in order to succeed in this, we must focus on achieving these goals. In my opinion, fighting poverty is fundamentally more important than tackling other issues, so in order to do this, people from all over the world must support Bangladesh by making donations, raising funds, and undertaking a variety of other activities. For example, Bangladesh must immediately implement structural reforms, increase investments in human capital, boost female labour force participation, and increase productivity through greater global value chain integration.

Lack of resources to meet necessities like food, clothing, and shelter constitutes poverty. But poverty goes far beyond simply not having enough money.

Support the SDGS community and remain there to help alleviate poverty as soon as possible.

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