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Let’s Get Nauti!

It’s all hands on deck at Whale of a Time Clothing

As we open the curtains and let spring into our wardrobes, it’s important we recollect on new palette trends and collections. This season sparks block pastel colours, flairs of the country coast, and organic fabrics. We’re entering a nautical savoir-faire of beach to home as sailor style becomes part of the country wear family.

Since the pandemic commenced, collection designs have been changing. The desire to wear versatile clothing is growing, however, there is one significant brand that have kept shipshape when it comes to creating this description of apparel.

Since its foundation, Whale of a Time Clothing have made accessible a clothing lines that support a comfy, casual feel but also transition into a statement piece items. Its nautical trend can be seen from the exterior colours to the stitching on the interior body of the items.

Designed and founded by young, fashion entrepreneur Ellie Wales in 2015, the collection was a witness to a step up for casual fashion and was constructed for the future. It became all the range to chill in comfortable yet trend setting casuals, and all of a sudden staying in became the new going out.

Drawing inspiration from the Norfolk coast

Starting the brand still in school and at only 17 years old, Ellie’s fresh twist on country clothing combined modernism with back country designs drawing inspiration from the Norfolk Coast.

Nautical fashion derived from the British Royal Navy uniforms in the mid-19th-century. The style intended to represent the power of Britain and it grew to be an influential maritime trend that expanded and migrated across Europe.

France was the first to influence the block blue and white striped Breton shirt; designers then began incorporating the design into their collections and it was through this that the style allied with women’s fashion.

Ellie wanted to make her line accessible for both sexes and by defying fashion conformities, she created a successful range of nautical-retro inspired clothing. “I draw a lot of inspiration from vintage clothing designs, as I love the simplicity of block colouring, and really enjoy creating fluid pieces that work for both guys and girls,” explains Ellie.

The collection

The use of block colouring throughout the entire collection of the label makes Whale of a Time Clothing distinct and expressive. The use of bold signature stripes harmonises the nautical style whilst giving the garments a more avant-garde style.

Garments that applause marine characteristic include the Falmouth Deck Shirt in white and navy, with its contrasting sections of colour on a larger scale, the design excites essential yachting wear. The Morston T-shirt in navy, white and grey also sparks imagination of the ocean and animates its colours.

For AW18, the Norfolk quarter zip sweatshirt made an appearance and it exited people. It was a new fashion innovation for the brand, and it remains a best seller for the company. With its vibrant pop of colouration, it became a practical pullover with a relaxed fit design that allowed you to feel tranquil at home but active on the waterfront.

Another new addition was The Newquay deck shirt, a new take on the signature deck shirt but with a new flourish of colour. It’s bold green mint colourways complement its variation of white in the collar and the other a brighter carnation pink with a darkened navy collar undoubtedly delivers retro aesthetics.

The Southwold Sweatshirt, an ideal newbie for your loungewear closet, excites a brand-new palette of natural greens, sky blues and harbour greys. The cuffs, bottom hem, and neck hem are double striped allowing the colours to excite one another.

Embrace your nautical side and shop Whale of a Time Clothing


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