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Leomie Anderson

“I want to represent more than just a pretty face and I want to show that I can speak up about issues.”

Model, committed feminist and influencer, Leomie Anderson is a determined young girl who is always challenging the odds against her. She started very young in her career; scouted at 14, on her way home from school in London. A guy walked up to her and asked if she was a model. When she said no, he suggested that modeling would be a perfect career for her.

Fast forward a few years and Leomie was booked on her first catwalk when she was just 17. Her modeling career took off when she was hired by big brands such as Tom Ford, Moschino, Chloe, Yeezy and Fenty Puma.

Leomie’s career heightened in 2015 when she was hired by Victoria’s Secret. Even after being rejected two times by VS, she was determined to own her wings – and she did it. She has been walking down the runaway with her wings for 4 consecutive years.

Beauty Against Racism

Today, Leomie is one of the faces of Rihanna’s beauty range – Rihanna has been one of Leomie’s biggest role models since she was a child. Being the face of Fenty Beauty, Leomie connects with millions of other women who have faced racism on a daily basis.

In her blogs and videos, Leomie gets real about the racism she has been facing. “I was looking ashy and grey. I had to do my own make-up in the bathroom. But at the end of the day I think we are still moving in a better direction, because there was a time when I would say to make-up artists ‘this isn’t going to work on my skin’ and they would argue with me.”

Fenty was the first brand to come up with a diverse color palette of foundation which answered many young womens’ prayers. Leomie knew this was her platform to be really outspoken about her issues while also encouraging women to be themselves.

Beauty for Empowerment

Leomie knew how to use her fame to do something good and positive. With 350,000 followers, she played both the roles of a model and a feminist. She was being real with her audience in all her social media platforms.

In 2012 Leomie started her youtube channel, “Cracked China Cup” where she showed viewers the backstage of her life. Videos of her daily routine, castings, shows, traveling, issues she faces, and so on. The significant thing about her youtube channel is that she is being a “Human”. She gets very real about her life which people can relate to.

In 2016, Leomie Anderson started her brand, LAPP, which stands for, ‘Leomie Anderson the Project and Purpose’ which is about “embodying the 21st century girl and producing clothes that represent not only their style but their issues”. She uses this platform as a well organized commentary to discuss issues such as relationships, sex and mental health. Her views are delivered in a way that incorporates popular culture and speak the language of today’s generation.

Leomie also has a clothing collection which aims to make young girls feel safe and feel empowered. “Making young girls feel cool to say no in the face of pressure”. It has been proved young people go through depression and stress because of social media, where they tend to forget their values and their opinions.

Leomie wants young people, especially young girls, to feel comfortable in their own skin and uses her clothing line to express her message. “LAPP is all about empowering women and promoting confidence, positivity and unity through fashion and creating another platform to voice women’s issues.”

Through her social media and her blog, Leomie sends a very real message. She confidently brings out the real and raw face of the fashion world and shows that behind the scenes isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Despite being an African American woman in a male dominated society where racism and inequality is all too common, with her personality and her fearless character, Leomie conquers them all. You go girl!


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