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Learning To Live Sustainably


The eco-anxiety problem

When each person you meet is discussing an environmental crisis of some sort, it can be overwhelming to read about sustainable living. Seeing so much negativity all at once can make you feel like there's no hope in educating yourself on climate change and living sustainably, and that doing your part means nothing.

Thankfully, there is an increase of many positive stories of people working together to do more for the environment. While there is certainly a long way to go for us as a society to develop a more proactive stance on climate change and living sustainable lives, the fact that there are now more resources and people speaking up about it will hopefully create a better way of living for people, and start a trend of people caring for the environment, rather than disregarding it.

Starting small creates big change

To do your part fully, firstly have a look around your local area and see what there is; is there a cycling scheme for people to rent bikes? Are there allotment areas where you can grow your own food? Instead of buying lots of new clothes and throwing old ones away, look into second hand shops as a way to give your old clothes new life for someone else, and to help you be mindful of your own spending habits. Learn what your local area provides and build from there. Being more mindful of your waste is a great way to also take care in living sustainably.

By making small changes, raising your voice and educating others, and being mindful of yourself and your living, we can together make changes towards living more sustainably and doing better for our planet as well as yourself.


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