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Leandra Medine Cohen, Everyone’s Favorite Fashion Blogger

Bloggers and influencers have played a vital role in establishing credibility within their particular industry and impacting the lives of their “followers.” In the digital era, fashion today is shaped differently because of them. One such is fashion blogger Leandra Medine Cohen, who promotes self-love and positive mental health.

I’m not sure if it’s her “I don’t care attitude” that makes me love her. Perhaps it’s her unnecessarily (except very necessary) stylish twin daughters that makes me adore her and want to ask her to adopt me? Not sure! But, if anyone tells you they don’t love her…they’re absolutely being untruthful and are not people you should trust!

So who is Leandra Medine Cohen?

Leandra Medine Cohen : The Carrie Bradshaw of today; the woman who makes fashion make sense. The one who inspires me to be my best and quirkiest self.

Now 30 years old and mother to two photocopies of herself, Leandra has made a colossal name for herself in the world of Fashion. She has a massive impact on the lives of many. As one of the most successful fashion bloggers today, she has the satisfaction to call her blog a full-time job.

It is hard to think back to a time when her blog wasn’t around. Manrepeller was born in 2010 and can I just say, thank goodness. By this time, Leandra was late into the world of fashion blogging. It was a field that people did not believe they could excel in because of the rise of so many other blogs. However, Leandra took the risk and Manrepeller became superior in the world of blogging.

I vividly remember scrolling through Tumblr in the middle of the night (because what other time would you scroll through Tumblr when you’re a depressed teen?) and this woman with the absurd outfits was inescapable. My feed was just swarming with photos of her.

Photo after photo, I found myself unable to remove my eyes from the screen and my hand from the mouse. My mind was consumed with photos of denim on denim; on more denim; dresses worn with jeans underneath; prints on prints, on even more prints. All I thought I knew about fashion was being tested. Leandra sparked an question in my head: Why does fashion need to have rules?

Self-Love looks good on you

Fashion is something everyone deals with every day (unless you’re one of the lucky ones who live in a nude village – which I guess you can say is still a sort of fashion statement!). Fashion is inescapable. It is an expression of self-identity and helps good mental stability – when you look good, you feel good.

Leandra Medine is part of the self-love movement, proving with her one legged instagram #ootd posts, that fashion can be whatever you want it to be. Your best accessory is confidence and Leandra wears it well.

In this digital age, it’s easy to swallow up the big Flintstone pill idea that you’ll be nothing of importance or worth if you don’t look appealing enough or if you don’t own the popular trend of the moment. This can leave you plummeting down a rabbit hole of mental instability and self-doubt.

The pressures of Insta-perfection

You spend half of your day refreshing and scrolling through Instagram looking at posts of people (and sometimes dogs, because who doesn’t love a good dog Instagram?) who seem to have it all – unimaginable vacation spots, mind blowing closets and glam rooms, and today’s impression of a “perfect body.”

Social media forces the idea of the “perfect person” in our faces. Every time we see this we think we’re not good enough. Collectively, we need to recognize that the person behind the million likes and the thousands of comments is just broadcasting one side of themselves, the only side of themselves they want us to know. Social media grasps just an itty-bitty piece of a post, but there is so much more about a person and their life behind social media.

Leandra Medine is a ray of sunshine in the digital world and she is helping people, like myself, embrace our oddities and quirks, the things that make us who we are. Here is to more +1 booger selfies and Manrepeller baseball caps. Leandra, you are my girl crush foreva eva!


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