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Kamea Chayne, sustainable lifestyle influencer

Kamea Chayne is a business woman and a sustainable lifestyle influencer based in Southern California, born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. She is using her voice to communicate with her audience on the pressing issues that we are facing today with consumerism.

Conscious Fashion

Kamea has always been a lover of fashion. However it wasn’t until she learnt about the harmful effects that her fast fashion addiction was having on the environment that she decided to create The directory features brands who are using fashion for social and ecological good. It’s an online look-book that helps people that want to shop better but don’t necessarily know where to begin.

As well as being a sustainable lifestyle influencer, Kamea Chayne is the author of Thrive: An Environmentally Conscious Lifestyle Guide to Better Health and True Wealth which was published in 2016. The book aims to comprehensively introduce readers to sustainable living. It covers subjects such as body pollution; holistic approaches to fitness; detoxing your home; shopping mindfully; sustainable fashion and honouring farmers.

Green Dreamer

In 2018, Kamea began the Green Dreamer podcast and multi-media journal. The podcast helps listeners to dispel eco-anxiety and resist fast fashion by making environmentally conscious choices. It explores how we as individuals can enrich our lives with meaning, make better consumption choices and support the regeneration of healthy communities and biodiverse ecosystems for all.

One of Chayne’s most recent achievements in 2019, is being highlighted as one of the ‘change makers’ in The North Face and REI’s series called ‘Rewind Nature’. Inspired by the Eco Heritage Collection by The North Face. The series focuses on the desire to rewind time and reverse the damages that have been caused on the planet by highlighting people who are taking a step forward on issues such as mass consumption and carbon footprint reduction.

Just like Mindless Mag, Kamea believes that excessive shopping is not the key to happiness for us. Featured in National Geographic in 2019, Kamea is quoted saying: “Retail therapy is the idea that every time we buy something new, we get a little burst of joy. But it’s not really lasting. This led me to question, what is it exactly that leads us to fulfilment, life satisfaction and happiness? And that’s what I hope to explore on my journey”.


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