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Is Money the Root of all Evil?

It has been observed that money is both the cause of people's problems and what keeps the world turning. Even though we may not like to acknowledge it, spending money is a daily occurrence and a major factor in all our choices.

This photo shows money on fire to show that money can start problems.
Money on Fire

Is money the cause of happiness in today's culture, or just problems?

Money has been shown to have an impact on people's behaviour. It can alter an individuals' life, what they wear, and who they engage with on a social level and even their careers. In the UK money is a navigation through life, it develops our path in life, however different people desire it more. The desire for money has been seen to persuade individuals away from faith that has led them to ‘evil’ roots. According to a study done in 2018 in Britain and published in 2021 by D. Clark, the main source of pleasure was money, accounting for 34% of people's satisfaction, with their current financial status accounting for another 34%. This implies that individuals create wealth in order to promote happiness and reject the notion of evil, but is this accurate? Other studies have shown that while there is a link between wealth and happiness, money does not satisfy fundamental psychological requirements. Humans have a natural want for more, but there is no end to this desire, and this is the beginning of our destruction.

Money vs relationships

Money is known to provide many advantages since it breaks down social barriers and frees people from worrying about potential financial difficulties. Additionally, it enables a person to expand their life experiences. For instance, travelling with loved ones can help create special memories. Relationships between people have been impacted by money, which led to greed, deception, and secrets. Because money is not discussed openly, it can create walls that can lead to disagreements between partners. This can lead to mistrust in relationships.

"7 out of 10 couples reported that money causes tension within their relationship”

Is it down to money or is money a cover up?

Religious views on money

In the religious teachings of Christianity, it is seen that greedy people will not receive everlasting life, as it is seen that greedy people produce false worship and they are the people more likely to be enticed to commit crimes to achieve social wealth.

People who have extra money may end up going down the wrong road because they develop bad habits like gambling and drug use, which can put them in dangerous situations. Moving on to the emotional side, it can cause people to feel lonely since it makes others in their immediate social circle feel more uneasy and paranoid. When status is involved, it is only normal for your personality to change because people with money have greater power in society. For this reason, the bible advises that individuals should be pleased with their existence and their current access to basic necessities like food and shelter. It has been stated in the Bible that

“Those who are determined to be rich fall into temptation and a snare and many senseless and harmful desire” -1 Timothy 6:9

Money is not evil

For the sake of money, people frequently commit heinous crimes against one another. They also act cruelly towards one another for a variety of other reasons. We acknowledge that in the UK, money has a significant influence on how people behave in society, but that once one is affluent, they can express all of their wants in a way that someone who is less wealthy cannot. Therefore, being wealthy implies the temptation to indulge all of one's desires. Money cannot be viewed as "evil" since human desire, not the means by which it is satisfied, is the source of all evil.

Does this mean we should all abstain from it and live in poverty to prevent its negative effects if money and its gain are intrinsically evil? After all, if we didn't have to spend money, our lives would undoubtedly be lot simpler and easier. It has been seen that people who focus on money and those who adore money are the ones that cause problems in other people's lives, not the money itself.

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