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Is Money The New Happiness?

Having money used to be an added luxury has it become a survival necessity?

Money! Money! Money! It has always been at the forefront of people’s minds. Why wouldn’t it be? Money is involved in our everyday life, and almost every decision we make money is considered. As soon as your old enough your family members will be telling you to save up, invest your money! Money is factored into our brains from a young age as something to take care of and earn.

Has the pressure of having money got even worse?

We as a society are currently facing the cost-of-living crisis daunting many people’s minds. Money makes the world go round and currently bringing a lot of stress into people’s lives. Our social media and TV programmes that used to be about sharing the happiness in our lives has now turned into money saving tips and methods of cheaper ways of living. Martin Lewis has become everyone’s new best friend. Is this really way we should be living?

Society needs money. It keeps structure and context in our lives. Most people’s goals in life is to have a steady income to allow us to be able to do the things we want to do. It gives us a goal to work towards. As much as we may not like to admit we need money to segregate our society. Some businesses wouldn’t run without our society having wealthier people to use their products and services. Our society has adapted itself dependent on us having different social classes, it’s just the way the world works. This may not be fair as it is not based on who has worked the hardest or got the best job, unfortunately it can be massively affected by what social class you’re born into.

Our society needs a common goal to work towards. And sadly, that is money.

Does money REALLY make you happy?

The common question in our society of ‘love or money?’, used to suggest money was an added luxury to people lives that could bring endless holidays, money to support your loved ones and a stress free life. How times have changed. Money to people now is just a necessity to live, to buy basic needs and try have a normal happy life.

The way different people relate to having money can massively depend on your individual upbringing and impact how you live your life. Growing up with a lot or little can impact your judgement on many things. Just to name a few, your future career, day to day expenses and where you choose to live are all things you may subconsciously have different opinions on based on your upbringing. This impacts every single individual more than you may like it too. Some people may never understand the struggles people have in their day to day lives which has become completely normal to them just to survive. A person from this background may have the goal to be financially comfortable and believe this could make them happy and content. With that being said someone that has always grown up with money may not see money as impacting their happiness at all. In today’s society more and more people are fighting to keep their luxury lifestyle, with the cost-of-living crisis giving everyone a reality check.

But is the cost of living crisis effects here to stay?

We are currently living in a society of survival. Money has gone past the point of a motivator. We are having to change our daily habits to try and save money. We are listening to Martin Lewis over our own government, things need to change. How is this a life to enjoy? When we are all living in the 9-5 rat race just to have enough money to pay our bills. Social media has become a world of tips and tricks to help people save money on their bills. It has helped form a community, with majority of society facing the same struggles.

The cost-of-living crisis has caused most people to rethink their life choices and cut back on luxury life choices. A lot of which people will keep. The current crisis our society are in has caused us to be a lot more careful with our money and forced people to rethink their priorities.

Money will also be at the forefront of our society, that will sadly never change. The cost-of-living crisis has showed us as a society that having money isn’t everything, when it can all be affected any day out of our control. There is so much more to life than having a lot of money and our society is slowly realising that.

Does having money still make YOU happy?

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