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Impact of Spirituality on Mental Health

Mental health in any state can be an opportunity to become spiritually enlightened and can help people have a better relationship with themselves, other individuals and the world around them.

Mental health has become a well-spoken about topic, and we're all familiar with it's various forms, whether that be tips on mental wellbeing or depression and anxiety. Whilst this has been beneficial in creating awareness and normalising dealing with mental health in society, spirituality is associated with the best, most conscious level of yourself, and building towards the so-called 'higher self'.

Facing the emotional pain that comes with poor mental health can force someone into an ultimatum; they realise that they can simply either chose pain, or peace. When problems arise in life that we cannot control and that can cause mental instability, despite how bad the situation may be, there is comfort in the fact that it is just that, uncontrollable. Whether this is in times of great stress, or simply in your day-to-day life, spirituality can give you a higher sense of peace and forgiveness, which can make issues seem more minute.

Shifting the mental focus into seeing yourself as someone who is not sick and rather someone who is healing and recovering from a pain pattern is the beginning of spiritual enlightenment, and thus improved mental state. Struggling with negative feelings can keep us trapped in a self-made prison of our own reality, which eventually becomes so exhausting that the individual finally hits a wall, and is ready to shift mindsets.

In some cases, people can be suffering with traumas and not even know. To some extent, everyone has trauma, and they can manifest themselves in unhealthy habits and responses to later issues in life. We make ourselves aware of this by raising our levels of consciousness, and sitting with the feelings that may arise rather than acting on them. By becoming the 'watcher' of traumas, you can start to notice certain patterns, known as pain patterns. This is your individual, almost automatic response to daily life, such as spilling a coffee or tripping over. From this we find that, most of the time, when you respond to a situation negatively, it's a form of fear, which can stem from loss, insecurity, the unknown etc, but ultimately will stop you from reaching your 'higher self', and true happiness.

A constant flow of negative mental noise can be the root cause of a lot of mental health issues. The narrative in your mind telling you that you are incapable of doing things and that you aren't good enough. We're all familiar with that voice. It often arises when we feel threatened by new experiences or even the stress of handling old ones. Knowing how to silence this voice it is key, and switching the narrative into one of kindness through trusting your own intuition; being able to comfortably accept that you are enough. The brain is a muscle, and just like training your arms or legs at the gym, over time you are able to train your brain through this method. Much of the journey towards enlightenment comes from separating the physical body to that of your soul, which is said to be where your true, highest self resides.

To be fully in touch with the best version of yourself, you can explore what makes you feel most at peace, loved and connected. A lot of what occurs mentally is a reflection of your physical state. Focusing on exercise allows you to dedicate time for yourself, as well as improve the body. If you are struggling with feeling good inside, putting efforts into what makes you feel good on the outside is another effective starting point.

At first, this process may seem silly or just like any other self-help book, article or Instagram post out there, but overcoming your pain patterns and deciding enough is enough will push through this initial barrier.

All emotions and feelings are a form of energy, and the key to grounding yourself, healing, and reaching the higher self also comes from energy. It can be seen as the most valuable thing we as humans have. Protecting this energy in order to protect your happiness and mental wellbeing should remain a high priority throughout life.

This article featured on Mindless Mag elaborates further on the subject, and explains the fundamentals of spirituality:


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