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Human Rights Issues and What is Being Done To Prevent Them

CW: This article discusses topics of torture and executions which could be distressing to some readers.

The world is facing many issues, more recently with battling COVID-19 and the ripple effects it has caused to people and the economy. However, on the backhand of this who would have thought coming into 2022, we would still be facing major Human Rights issues worldwide. There are many new and old cases of Human Rights issues worldwide with the more recent shell-shocking Human Rights issue coming from America with congress allowing states to decide themselves whether or not abortion is legal or illegal for women to go through with. This in turn is causing an outburst not just in America but around the world.

We are also facing major Human Rights issues across the middle east with places like Saudi Arabia with some progress in women's rights as they established women would be able to drive in 2018, but they still use executions as a form of punishment; it is a step forward while also taking a step backwards. The article titled Saudi Arabia`s execution toll hits 100 stated that by May 2020 Saudi Arabia had already hit 100 executions and was using torture methods to extract information out of people they saw as suspects. The methods they use in policing and punishment are sickening and have no place in the modern world, with how they treat people who have committed petty crimes with executions and public shaming or are being tortured for information. Even more on this as stated in the article that in some cases the people in the trial will be denied representation in the law case and will sometimes not even be informed on the process while being ill-treated by police in the meantime.

Also, other countries like Qatar which are hosting the world cup have many Human Rights issues and have made it very clear the extent they will go to impose these harsh rules they have that borderline diminish the Human Rights people hold. A massive issue involved in Qatar is the similar treatment of policing and punishment rules to Saudi Arabia but also the rights and treatment for gay people in the country are horrific. The article by Peter Tatchell Foundation- Qatar exposes the truth of the country's corruption and horrible Human Rights before the worldwide-supported world cup is hosted there in 2022. As stated in the article if people were to be found homophobic in Qatar they would be given a maximum of 3 years in prison under the penal code and execution in Sharia Law. This has big Human Rights implications for people who try to live their lives as they wish to and causes a massive setback in the progress being made for homosexuality around the world.

Not just this is highlighted in the article, but also women's rights are completely discriminated against along with the use of migrant workers as modern slavery to build the stadiums and other on-site premises for the upcoming world cup.

What is being done to battle Human Rights Issues?

UNICEF has set up 17 Sustainable Development Goals, aiming to battle against many world issues with Human Rights being a wide spectrum involved in different goals in different scenarios for the issues we face around the world.

Sperate NGOs are fighting against the Human Rights violations such as FREEDOM FROM TORTURE describe on their what do we do page that they are battling this by putting pressure on governments to stop torturing their civilians, mainly by gaining reports that show evidence of civilians in these countries being tortured and then hand the evidence over to the United Nations so they can apply pressure on these governments to stop the violation of Human Rights.

To truly battle the Human Rights issues we are facing we need to get more involved in putting pressure on the government and the UN to start sanctioning and punishing other governments for their abuse of Human Rights on civilians in a pursuit to have these governments stop these horrible methods of punishment and treatment of others. Also, with limiting business in countries they would have a choice to carry on with the abuse of Human Rights and let the economy fall apart or allow room for change and development in their punishment systems and allow their economy to thrive, which I see the later choice being the most logical and selected choice amongst these countries.


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