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How You Can Help Stop the Effects of Fast Fashion on Climate Change

Fast fashion has quickly become the world's most utilised method of distributing products to consumers. This article will showcase upcoming methods of purchasing your garments and ways in which you can stop the devastating effects fast fashion is having on our climate.

Protest. Fast fashion. Climate Change.
The climate is changing, so should we.

The true effect fast fashion has on our climate

The business model, which is fast fashion, has taken the world by storm. It encourages and supplies excessive buying and constantly produces new items in order to stay in line with the current trends. We are the people keeping this toxic process alive. We buy items just to fit into the current trends. We buy more than one size just in case but never return them. We buy the same item in different colours to match with the seasons. We buy a new outfit for every occasion. Worn the same pair of jeans twice? Don't be silly, buy another pair! The reckless thought process of the CEOs of these humungous fast fashion businesses are influencing individuals to simply ruin our climate. Fast fashion wouldn't be a thing without the consumers, so you bet, all eyes are on us. This constant textile production contributes to 1.2 billion tonnes of C02e per year, alongside also producing 20% of global wastewater. The plastic fibres are polluting our oceans. It won't be long until watching the waves of the ocean crash against the shore will lose its magic, and the waves will become a sad reminder of how humanity has polluted nature. There are endless statistics that show how drastic the impact of fast fashion is on our climate, so what more is it going to take for people to start taking action?

What can you do?

There are many ways we as a community can reduce our fashion environmental impact. To begin with, obviously buy less. I know to some of us that can be impossible, but not as impossible as the effects on our climate will be to reverse. Many of us feel that buying new clothes make us happy, including myself, so maybe we need to reconsider the foundations of our lifestyle. It may give us an hour of happiness while we try on our new trending items at the most, but our bank accounts and our climate end up with a lifetime of sadness.

As more awareness is raised around this topic, more and more brands are becoming sustainable and eco-friendly. So, if you really need a new dress every week to make you smile, buy from these brands instead! Yes, the price can be a little higher, but this is always reflected in the quality and longevity of the clothes, which mostly works out cheaper in the end as they can be replaced much less frequently.

Thirdly, think twice about throwing out your old clothes. The bin men don't need to be seeing your funky old, ripped jeans in your garden bin, so if you really want rid, there are other ways of getting them out your closet! Donate them, there are always individuals who are less fortunate than us who I'm sure would really appreciate your old, ripped jeans more than the garden bin would. Sell them! In today's social media savvy society there are so many ways we can sell items quickly and easy. My favourite second hand sale app is vinted- so quick and easy, you get paid for old items and consumers are buying second hand so therefore being more sustainable. It's a win-win-win, win for you, the customer and the environment.

A newer method would be renting clothes. Now I can't lie, this one didn't really appeal to me at first, but I researched with an open mind and now it seems like such a good idea! It works better with clothes you are only going to wear for a short period of time, such as maternity clothes or a posh dress for an event. It means you get to wear the clothes you love, but don't have the responsibility of disposing of the clothes on your shoulders. Why buy a new outfit for that event, when you can rent one for the night and give it back tomorrow? If nothing else, it will definitely save wardrobe space!

Nobody is innocent

Everyone in their lifetime is going to contribute to the downfall of our climate, we can't pretend we are perfect. But this article will (hopefully) give you inspiration and ideas as to how you can help when it comes to fashion. So next time you go to buy a top in three different colours, think about the effect that could have in the long run. However, if you really want those items, I'm sure someone will be selling them on Vinted!


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