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How To Work Through Anxiety in a Modern World

Feeling through harsh emotions in our growing age

Anxiety feels the most isolating, yet is something most of us suffer with. The harsh thoughts and paralyzing emotions can consume every part of your life. Your sense of self, relationships, work, and even basic tasks like leaving your home. Mental health is a conversation, we as a generation are starting to make a norm, you do not have to suffer alone. This article addresses how our modern world can help you manage those thoughts and feelings and how you can feel through them.

What does our modern world consist of?

Our modern world consists of developing technology which has benefitted our world, however in ways is damaging to one's mental health. With the rise of more and more social media apps, people, mainly young are engaging in anxiety-provoking content which is not helping their mental health. Social media has become a phenomenon that is naturally incorporated into our lives, apps such as Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok are our norm. However, these apps can become damaging if not managed in a way that benefits you. It is about deconstructing the idea you have to consume certain media.

Unfollowing the media that feeds into insecurity and comparison is what will benefit your anxiety. As a modern world, we love to share our lives, and this can cause stress for people suffering from anxiety. Anxiety plays on the comparison; why is my life not like theirs? Am I not doing enough? Am I running out of time? What if my future doesn't happen like that? I need to act on this. What will benefit you is knowing I can limit the media I see but also follow media that will benefit me. Following accounts you wish to follow is perfectly fine, however, once you notice they're doing more harm than good, it is important to address that and remove what is not serving you.

Instagram as a social media platform has always given us the opportunity to see into people's lives, however, it is also used as a place for anxiety sufferers to receive help. There are multiple Instagram accounts that specialize in creating content to benefit mental health.

Here is a list below of anxiety accounts on Instagram to follow

Additionally, to help your anxiety Instagram offers hundreds of content creators who specialize in working on yourself and your mental health,

It s about knowing these accounts are out there and being aware of how to work through anxiety in a modern world.

Furthermore, our modern world consists of a heavy schedule with a need to work and a drive to study. However, when suffering from anxiety, It can become hard to manage day-to-day activities. Work can become overwhelming and attending either school or university can be hard whether it be social anxiety or anxiety as a whole. Even though the modern world is challenging there are certain things you can incorporate to make the anxiety seem a little less loud.

The workplace is becoming more of an inclusive place for mental health so having a safe mutually respected conversation with your employer regarding your anxiety can help take the pressure of having to 'perform'. Within education, the conversation regarding mental health is an ongoing topic, however, to feel calmer, you can build support systems with friends who also suffer from anxiety. This gives you and the people around you the support needed to work and feel through the tough emotions in our modern world.

However, suffering from a mental health problem can become isolating, as 1 in 6 people report suffering from a common mental health condition such as anxiety or depression, so sometimes, people feel uncomfortable discussing their thoughts with others. That is why, as previously mentioned, changing your media to support you is a way the modern world can support those suffering. For some, therapy seems hard to attain either due to financial reasons or going through the process that can seem daunting; incorporating small ways to work through anxiety is extremely helpful. Our modern world also offers anxiety and mental health books either as a physical copy or online; youtube videos can be extremely helpful and other social media platforms such as Pinterest offer quotes and affirmations to boost your self-esteem.

There are multiple ways in which the modern world can benefit your mental health, we just have to be more aware of them and not hide from that conversation. Anxiety is deliberating and it requires strength every day to push through, despite the thoughts and feelings, you can get better if you allow yourself to.

Take advantage of what the modern world has to offer you!


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