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How the Young Girl from Sweden Changed our World

From individuals joining her protests to Companies acting on the Greta effect, Greta Thunberg has changed the Worlds views on Climate Change forever.

Who is Greta Thunberg?

Greta Thunberg was born in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2003. She first began learning about climate change when she was eight years old. She got increasingly perplexed about why so little was being done about it.

At the age of 11, Greta's frustration over the climate change caused her to momentarily halt speaking.

Greta has Asperger syndrome, which has an impact on how people interact with others. Greta, however, refers to her illness as a "superpower" and she has previously stated that there are

"no grey areas when it comes to climate change,"

because it lets her see the world in black and white.

When Greta finished her high school education, she did not go on to study at university. She chose to undertake a course at college for the opportunity to tour the world and inspire people to take action against climate change.

Greta Thunberg became known after she led a protest outside the Swedish Parliament in 2018 at 15 years old.

She urged the government to reach its carbon emissions objectives while holding a sign that read,

"School Strike for Climate."

Her modest initiative had an international impact, motivating thousands of young people to plan their own strikes.

In protesting, she was joined by more than 20,000 students by the end of 2018 from the UK to Japan.

For her efforts, she won the first of three Nobel Peace Prize nominations for her work on climate change a year later.

Thunberg 's impact on scientists, climate activists and public figures

Sir David Attenborough, a biologist and broadcaster, informed her that she had succeeded in ways that many others had not, adding:

You have aroused the world. I'm very grateful to you.

Prince Harry praised Thunberg's campaigning by saying

Every nation, every city, every school, every friendship group, and every family needs their own Greta.

According to Alok Sharma, the head of the COP26 summit, Thunberg's 2019 UN speech left him feeling

very uncomfortable because

it served as a "mirror" to his generation.

However not everyone has been an admirer of Thunberg's work, Donald Trump tweeted that Greta should work on her anger management problem. In addition, Vladimir Putin dished out a back handed compliment when he described Greta as "kind" but a

poorly informed teenager.

Thunberg condemns World Leaders in Speech

Greta Thunberg's emotional speech delivered to the UN in front of World Leaders has acted as a wake up call to World Leaders in a desperate attempt to save the world.

The beginning of Thunberg's speech read as followed:

The rest of Thunberg's speech can be found on PBS news hour.

Thunbergs's emotional tone followed by her powerful use of words has not only caused World leaders to act on Climate Change- but also young activists like myself. She influenced me to take initiative in my secondary school by getting my friends and I to walk to school instead of driving or taking the bus so we could decrease our carbon footprints.

What can you do to make a difference?

Thunberg urgers us to come together to tackle Climate Change as she states:

In order to change things, we need everyone – we need billions of activists. Advocate for climate change by marching, boycotting, striking, and talking loudly about social injustices and inequities and asking more questions.

We can also support Greta Thunberg buy trying to decrease our carbon footprints. For example riding a bike to work instead of driving, or driving once a week for a big food shop instead of 3 times a week for smaller food shops.


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