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How is Wearable Technology Changing the Way We Monitor Our Health?

Can wearable technology ever be fashionable?

Fashion is extremely important to us as it enables us to show elements of our personality and who we are. It is essential to us that if we purchase wearable technology, it has to be fashionable or it must show aspects of who we are.

Fitbits and Apple Watches are the perfect examples of wearable technology that can be fashionable whilst also monitoring our health. Fitbit straps and Apple Watch straps can be changed to individual preferences in different styles and colours, which means that a person's Fitbit or Apple Watch is more likely to be unique and give people the chance to express themselves.

Not only that, you can also get straps that signify your support for something. For example, you can buy a strap for an Apple Watch - Pride Edition which features LGBTQ+ colours - showing that not only can wearable technology be fashionable, they can also have more meaning behind them and symbolise something.

Another example of technology that can be fashionable is phones and phone cases. Although it is not necessary wearable, most people do have their phones in their hand most of the time. Many people love to keep up to latest trends and have the latest iPhone, as well as the most fashionable phone cases.

People could even decide to have an accessory strap for their Apple Watch or Fitbit that matches their outfit or shoes! Celebrities and influencers are seen taking photos wearing their Apple Watches which shows that people wear this technology not just for exercise or when they're at home but when they are out meeting friends, too!

There is even a Pinterest page titled "How 12 Fashion Insiders Style the Apple Watch" which shows various images of famous celebrities including the likes of Katy Perry and Pharrell Williams showing off their Apple Watches, and how they wear it.

How can wearable technology monitor our health?

Fitbits have a range of features that can help a person to monitor their health. For example, "Oxygen Saturation (Sp02)", "Skin Temperature", "Breathing Rate", "Heart Rate Variability" and "Resting Heart Rate".

This means that a person can keep track of all of their different levels and rates which will enable them to track any meaningful changes such as a significant decrease in Oxygen Saturation. This would be particularly useful for a person with an existing breathing condition such as COPD.

A person with COPD may regularly have breathing difficulties but being able to monitor their own oxygen levels means that they will be able to let the doctor know their exact level of oxygen that's in their blood. This may lead to a quicker assessment and therefore quicker treatment, which is essential because if there are longer waiting times for an ambulance, the person needing treatment can have some of the checks done through their Fitbit whilst waiting for the ambulance.

Apple Watches are similar in the sense that they also have a range of features to keep track of a person's health. For example, one feature that Apple Watches and Fitbits both have in common is the total number of steps counted and tracked. This enables people to visually track the number of steps they are doing and means that they can set personal goals. It's a great feature because it motivates people to achieve a certain number of steps a day!

Another important feature with Apple Watches is that you can have competition with your friends and congratulate them through an app. This could potentially boost motivation, as we all love a little bit of competition don't we?

Wearable technology can be fashionable as well as a great tool for monitoring our own health. Apple Watches and Fitbits have a wide range of features meaning that we can keep an eye on our own health. We are becoming more aware of our health due to wearable technology because we have access to knowledge around aspects of our health that we would not know usually without going to see a professional. For example, the oxygen saturation feature in Fitbits enable us to access previously unknown information. They can even be of use in emergency situations as previously mentioned. It should be celebrated that we are able to be more self-dependent and have more awareness around our health.


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