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How Fashion help us accept our true selves

There are many ways in which people interact with fashion, whether it is as a creator involving in the industry or following fashion magazines, influencer, new arrivals towards fashion trends. Because fashion clothing is so closely connected to our body image, it is very easy to have an interesting reflection with our self-awareness, the spiritual side. Myself, for example, I don't have a perfect figure and I always feel anxious about my not-so-slim legs. But no matter how much I worked on diet, I can't have the same bony figure as my skinny friends. You know that, the people around you have the biggest influence on you. Since the epidemic started, it has exacerbated my anxiety about being fit. Because exercise time was greatly reduced, I spent a lot of time sitting at home. FAT, then, took the opportunity to surround me. Yet when I discovered short skirts in an A-line fit and silhouette jeans, I never thought everything would be so much easier.

This may let you wondering…

Why fashion imaginary would boost our confidence?

Have you ever been more attracted to people who have unique taste of their outfits? And no matter how many words you typed in your computer won’t gain your confidence as much as a piece of jacket that goes with your hair. Yes, that’s reasonable.

As fashion industry manifests many issues which influence us in everyday life, it is not easy to ignore its psychologically affect on us. First impression, for example, deicide the most opinion of observer will have on one person. By interpretating people’ s outfits will conclude to general impression, albeit different people will offer different interpretations and analyses. Recently, the pressure put on people by the IDEAL IMAGE of the various advertisements in the fashion industry has been gradually broken down. This has led to a shift in focus, with people being more interested in a person's taste than in their body image, and the liberty to choose clothes that suit their personality. Clothing will replace language in communicating with others through self-exhibition.

There are many reasons why people can build themselves by using their dressing style. Firstly, it takes very little time to buy a set to wear and the affordable products that come with fast fashion make this easy to achieve in a short period of time. Young people try to look interesting in all sorts of ways. Therefore, the behaviour of gaining acceptance through dressing somewhat compensates for feelings of isolation and self-identification at school, home and in other social environments. For example, the anti-traditional clothing - hip-hop style - is actually an expression of the 'spirit of disobedience'.

Finding one's own fashion imagery with aesthetic and meaning becomes a process of self-healing. People can find a community that appreciates them while creating a tangible sense of boundaries that distinguish them from others.

... Even the pandemic won’t stop it..

In the year of pandemic, the fashion industry has undergone a radical change. According to research, the fashion industry will move towards a less is more approach in the future. But that doesn't stop people from working on their wardrobe. It is very noteworthy that the growing appeal of Vintage clothes for fashion lovers.

Because of the epidemic, people have fewer opportunities to go out and people don't expect to meet a random 'nicely dressed' person on Zoom. This means that people will be less likely to interact with each other in such visual ways. At the same time, the quarantine gives not only fashion lovers but also the fashion industry a moment and a chance to take a break with the ‘trend’.

In other words, consumers and industry alike are becoming concerned about the pollution of the oceans and the atmosphere caused by fashion industries.Fashion lovers see Vintage as the best solution when it comes to balancing environmental protection with their own spiritual needs. When interviewing some of my friends who love Vintage clothing, they told me,

'I always feel like I don't belong to this generation, that I should be living in the last century. But I knew that wasn't possible. This tartan suit gave me a brief taste of that feeling.'

'The Vintage styles are all very unique and I don't have to worry that someone will clash with me.'

'They're very cheap and good quality, and they're particularly good with my Y2K style.'

Like these vintage lovers, they have found their niche in this fashion industry that is always colliding and renewing. We too can embrace our bodies, boost our confidence and find our own style in life while making ourselves look good.


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