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How Does Your Mood Change When Your Wage Comes?

Everyone has a different mood when they receive their monthly or weekly wage. It could be excitement because you can finally go get that luxury you were looking forward to. It could be relief because you can finally go and pay that bill that needed paying or even sadness because you didn’t earn enough to pay your bills. Whatever someone’s reaction is there is always something going on behind the scenes. Everyone has something different going on in their lives, whether it be happy or sad everyone has something that no one else can understand, only you yourself knows it.

How does stress affect you?

Stress is a big factor in someone’s mental well being, but its not only work related, people have so many other things to worry about. It can be so tiring, draining and very damaging to someone’s mental health. One thing to remember is that not everyone can handle situations the same way, some people can take it and some people cannot. This can be difficult for others to understand at times, especially if they haven’t been in a similar situation or can’t understand how the persons feeling.

Just going into work can be a lot for someone who is extremely stressed. Doing the exact same thing every single day and having the same routine can be a lot for someone. A change in routine can help this, it is not right to have the same boring routine day in, day out. So how do we change that? We do it ourselves, we fine tune our routines to fit our needs and our wants. Think what is it that makes you happy? What can you change? Changes things so that you can be happy.

When is your mind your worst enemy?

Stress can make people do unimaginable things, especially financial stress. When there’s is no other option people can turn to the illegal paths, which could mean they end up even worse than before. They can make silly mistakes and hurt the people around them including themselves. This however doesn’t mean their intentions are bad it just means in their minds its the only option they have. Sometimes you have to fight that little voice in your mind so that huge mistakes can be avoided, getting help is a great start.

Can having a higher income lead to more happiness?

The answer is no, it cannot. Once income fulfils a persons basic needs such as food, bills etc, research shows that the relationship between income and mental well-being weakens after it has passed a certain point. When a person is beyond this point their focus can shift from things like personal growth and meaningful relationships to goals like status, power and wealth. This can be very self destructive and very damaging to a persons mental well being. A constant battle to prove yourself in this way is extremely unhealthy and will not end well for anyone.

However, higher income does have benefits as it can provide access to many more resources than a lower income can, such as better healthcare, education, and living conditions. In addition to this, having a higher income can allow people to engage in activities that bring them pleasure and satisfaction like travelling or spending time with friends and family as well as hobbies and keeping their lives active.

Research has shown that people with higher income tend to have higher rates of mental health problems. For example, anxiety, depression and substance abuse which could be due to issues that are finance related such as them concentrating too much on things like wealth, that they have isolated themselves from everyone and everything leaving them feeling alone causing depression.

To conclude, income isn’t everything, sometimes you just have to be happy with what you have got and I am not just talking about money. But that doesn’t mean you can’t strive to achieve more, you just have to do it in the right way. Mental health is a very important subject and is not often enough spoken about. When your next wage comes in, appreciate it and learn from it. Always aim to achieve higher but do it the right way.


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