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How Does Money Shape People's Upbringing?

Money can play a significant role in shaping an individual’s upbringing and determining the person who they will play out to be. Everyone views money differently and the way they relate to it influences the way they choose to live their life and their spending habits. An individual’s upbringing depends on the money their family carries and emphasises the differences in society as it affects the way people interact and cooperate with each other and the power dynamics between people. Money determines the way people value themselves and each other and dictates which people an individual surrounds themselves with.

The way a person lives their life and moves into the future is reliant on money. It provides access to resources such as quality education and housing, which opens up opportunities to those who can afford it. Individuals that receive higher education surround themselves and grow up with people who can also afford it. They therefore tend to share the same beliefs and values and gain the benefits of potentially having easier access to a successful career path than others. Education is important in one’s upbringing, and the level of access a person has to it has huge influence on the person they will grow to be. With access to higher education an individual can better develop their skills and knowledge.

The opportunities money opens for someone can play a huge role in an individual’s confidence and self-esteem. Someone who has grown up in a household of high income tends to surround themselves with people in a similar position. People may have more opportunities such as job offers as they have connections through family and friends compared to those in a less fortunate position. People with more frequent opportunities may tend to have a more positive outlook on life and may fail to see the struggles people who are less fortunate face. Money providing access to opportunities such as travelling and academic activities help individuals to develop a wider world view and gain valuable skills and knowledge, helping them reach their full potential.

The memories and experiences an individual has in their upbringing due to money can play a huge role in their happiness. They have experienced things such as travelling and would have explored different cultures allowing them to have more first-hand knowledge of the world. They may live a more care-free life whereas those who have been in a situation of less income may carry more stress. They can feel the stress of needing to work consistently to ensure that an income is still being received and may not have the time to travel and explore the world. However, growing up in that situation can allow an individual to develop beneficial skills for the future. They will be able to cope with stress more and can be motivated to work and maintain a stable position. It also shows the different values individuals hold due to their upbringing. Individuals from lower income households value hard work whereas individuals raised in wealthy households may value status.

Money can shape people’s upbringing through providing individuals with a greater sense of security and stability. Individuals with a higher income may tend to feel more secure in their decisions and spending habits as they feel they face no consequences, whereas individuals who are raised in an unstable environment may feel more anxious. It also provides people with power, when feeling in a financially stable position it can cause them to feel as if they have more control over their life.

Furthermore, money shapes an individual’s motivation and what they strive for, what they think is possible. It can have a significant impact on an individual’s motivation, ambition, and goals. It can be a source of achievement therefore, making it easier for someone to pursue their desired career path and invest in themselves. If an individual has had access to higher education and has been surrounded their whole lives by successful and powerful people, they may be more optimistic as to what the future holds and feel more confident in the successes they can achieve.

Overall, money has a huge influence on one’s upbringing, however it isn’t the only thing needed or a necessity at all to ensure a successful upbringing.

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