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How Does Money Buy Happiness?

For a happy life, money is required.

Money is used everywhere around the world and is the most important thing in this world. It would make life much harder without it. You have financial security, which makes life easier in some ways. The underlying query, though, is whether having money can truly make someone happy on a physical and emotional level. This argument has numerous opposing viewpoints, some of which support the other. Many people have different views on whether money brings happiness, but there is no right or wrong answer.

When you feel complete and content, you are happy. It is the happiness that comes from doing what you love or being with someone you love. With the stuff it may buy, money can easily make someone temporarily happy, but true happiness is much more. Even if someone has everything materially desirable, they may not be happy. Although cash can buy you many things, the happiness it can bring you is just fleeting. You can only purchase so much happiness with money. Money can be used used to buy many things that are essential and non-essential, such as food, a clock, a house, make-up, medicine and more. However, it cannot be used to purchase items such as nutrition, time, knowledge or health. You cannot buy respect with money. You cannot buy real friends with money but can buy acquaintances. People want to accumulate wealth throughout their lives because they believe it to be a sign of success. In addition, there are some problems that money cannot help with, regardless of the amount someone has. For example, if someone has a life-threatening illness, they may only have a certain time to live, and in this situation, no amount of money can treat this kind of illness. Therefore, this shows that money may not bring happiness.

Money or friends and family?

People disregard their family and friends and do not care about who they drag along with them. For example, a worker making £500,000 a year is only somewhat happier than a worker who is making £50,000 a year, and a person making £20,000 a year is happier than a person who is making £120,000 a year. There are more significant things in life that might make you happy, such as friends. They are free and are not your friends because of your financial situation. They are your friends because of who you are. So, you could say since happy moments cannot be purchased, money will not make you happy. It just depends on who you spend the time with.

As a student living at university, I have to be responsible with how I spend my money. So, this question applies to me whilst I am at university as this is the first time I have had to handle money on my own. Currently, I think money does buy happiness as I go to university. This is because I have to spend money on essential things on my own such as food, paying rent, gym membership and transport. This means I have to spend less on luxuries such as takeouts, going out with friends, taking Ubers and more. Having said this, if I had more money to spend on more luxury things, I would be happy as I could do more of the things I like doing. Furthermore, it will also give me peace of mind as I would not have to worry about money. On the other hand, I could argue money may not bring happiness. This is because I can cut down on going out or find alternative options which will be cheaper and as much fun. Also, not everyone enjoys going out to nightclubs and is still happy as there are other things to do.

In conclusion, I think money does by happiness no matter how old you are, where you live or whether you are male or female. This is because money solves too many problems, and many people stress about not having money or being unable to pay bills, for example. Money will solve problems in the short term as well as the long term if it is used correctly. This will not only improve happiness but will improve people's well-being as they will feel good, and this will reflect on others positively.

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