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How Does Money Affect your Upbringing - and is it Possible to Turn it Around?

This post will explore how being born into a wealthy family affects your upbringing, and therefore how successful you become as you get older. It is often said that people born into wealthier families start with all the advantages in life, and I would like to explore what these advantages are. As well as this, I will also look at how it is possible to be born with less advantages but still become extremely successful.

How do people born into wealth have advantages?

Well first, you could look at their living situation. They will live in a very nice home with heating, a place to sleep, plenty of space to express themselves, and most likely a nice neighbourhood. This will make life more simple for them, as they have less to worry about and can focus on other things. They will also have access to food and fresh water, helping them to grow and maintain their health. A big thing will also be education, as children born into wealth may attend private schools, and easily be able to afford university with no stresses. Having this education can be vital into learning and growing as a person, as well as helping to gain access to high paying jobs and other opportunities later in life. Another way wealth aids is the allowance of failure. For example, if someone born into wealth is not able to get a job, or is kicked out of school, or can't get onto a university course, they still have their families money to fall back on. This could be getting given an opportunity to work with them, or even being given the money out right.

An example of this is Eddie Hearn, son of Barry Hearn. Barry Hearn became very wealthy as a British sports promoter and so Eddie grew up around a lot of wealth. While Eddie Hearn has now gone and made his own money, this came off of the back of his father. He has stated that he wasn't bothered and didn't try in school because he knew he was always just going to work for his dad, despite him being in one of the best schools in the country. He didn't need to use this advantage because he had another one to fall back on.

What are the disadvantages of not being born into wealth?

When you compare this to an individual who was not born into wealth, things are vastly different. They may not be able to afford heating, or even a roof over their head, let alone live in a nice neighbourhood. Food, clean water and clothes on their back is another thing they can find difficult to come by. This is something that can affect them massively, as they can turn to alternative measures to get money in order to survive. This can lead to them getting into bad situations, such as having to work from a very young age, stealing, or in some cases selling drugs. They may get in to the wrong crowds and start to turn away from things such as education, if this is something that is even an option for them in the first place. This is something that continues to increase, and be a problem for young people.

So, how can you change this narrative and become a success story despite the unfortunate circumstances?

Despite bad circumstances, not all hope is lost. For those who still have access to education, this is something that could be very important. Trying to ignore other distractions and work through the education system can be beneficial. As well as this, in the UK, they will offer to give a student loan to help you through university. Any qualifications you can get may allow you to get a good job which you can build from. For those that don't have this access to education, there are still amazing success stories to take inspiration and belief from.

For example, Francis Ngannou was the UFC heavyweight champion of the world, and he came up from nothing in Cameroon. He was digging sand mines at the age of 10 and at the age of 26 he managed to illegally get to Spain, only to be put in prison for 2 months. Despite all of this he managed to become a refugee in France where he started his fighting career. He is now extremely wealthy and in a great position, even able to turn down a lucrative fight deal with the UFC just recently.

I think that this shows, as much as money has a huge affect on your upbringing, and even how you are as a person, whatever your circumstances you can be successful and make something of yourself.

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