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How Can YOU Save Money on Groceries

With the cost of living crisis upon us there is nothing better than saving money on necessities like groceries. Here are some of my favourite and easiest ways to do just that.

Reward apps

The easiest way to save on groceries is to download one of many supermarket reward apps. These apps are free to use and allow you to access exclusive discounts on all kinds of products, will enable you to claim cashback on certain products, and give you the ability to collect points that can, later on, be exchanged for discounts and vouchers. There are a few apps that I have tested myself and these are my favourites:

Tesco Clubcard - A must-have rewards app that will save you money on every shop. The main benefit of this app is the lower prices on many products, these can be things like your milk and bread to more expensive items like baby or health products. This app will earn you points for every pound you spend, which can later be redeemed for vouchers.

Asda Rewards - Similarly to the Tesco Clubcard this rewards app allows individuals to take advantage of exclusive offers that can be even as much as 50% off. Asda Rewards card also allows you to collect points that can be exchanged for vouchers or cash back on items.

Lidl Plus Card - This app is great as it gives you daily and weekly exclusive offers on Lidls own brand products. With this app, you get vouchers for every penny you spend, for example, £5 off when you spend

£50 in a month. Also, every time you shop at Lidl you get put into a lottery where you can win additional discounts and vouchers.

Grocery delivery services welcome offers

Many supermarkets offer discounts when you order groceries to your doorstep for the first time. This includes well-known supermarkets and new grocery delivery businesses such as GoPuff or Getir. Apart from offering discounts on your groceries, it also saves you time and travel costs, which people never think about when it comes to grocery shopping. Here are some of my favourite ones:

Sainsbury's - Sainsury's offers £15 off your first order when you spend £60. This is a brilliant offer when you need to do your weekly food shop, even when it doesn't usually come to that much. The reason for that is that you could stack up on household items that you will use anyway such as toilet rolls, toiletries or even medicine. I would also advise having these delivered early in the morning or at night to minimise delivery costs.

GoPuff - This great delivery service aims to deliver your groceries in less than 20 minutes. This is great for when you need a few things or forgot something. Their welcome offer allows customers to get 40% off their first 3 orders. GoPuff also offers points for every order, which can later be redeemed for discounts, vouchers or even free items.

Getir - Getir is a very similar app to GoPuff that offers to deliver groceries very quickly. Their sign-up offer is great, with £10 off when you spend at least £11. This is a great offer when you need to grab a few additional things for the rest of the week or need to get a small shop. As it will practically just be the delivery fee.

I would recommend turning on email offers when signing up, as I have received more discounts and vouchers in the past.

Switch to store brands

The advice that everyone gives when it comes to saving money on groceries, but switching from big brands to store brands can be quite a daunting experience. Many people are scared to buy store brands as they think they will taste cheap and won't be good for them.

I have tasted and tried many store brand products from many different supermarkets and the trough is that the vast majority of products taste very similar or even better than the original big brand, while saving you even 80% on some products. Many big brands mass produce their products in cheap conditions, while store brands are produced with better products and that can be seen in most ingredient lists when compared to the 'big brands'. By purchasing store brands you save money and it is better for your body in many cases.

In a cost-of-living crisis where every penny matters, there is no better and easier way than saving money on your groceries and household necessities. This is an easy step to save more money for your other bills or a potential holiday for your family.

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