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Helpful Tips For Improving Mental Health

CW: This article discusses topics of mental health that may be distressing to some readers.

The subject of mental health

Talking about mental health struggles can be hard, however more and more people are being open about their struggles. Its though that 792 million people worldwide are affected by mental health and it is becoming thought more of as a 'normal' thing to battle with in your lifetime. Keeping your mental health as healthy as possible is important and can be improved by doing small things that can help make big improvements.

Five helpful ways to improve your mental health:


Regular exercise can have positive effects on improving your mental health. Not only is exercise good for your physical well belling but including exercise in your regular week routine can result in more energy throughout the day, sleeping better at night, feel more relaxed and positive about their lives. These effects can help with depression, anxiety that can result in low energy, feeling tense and struggles sleeping. You do not have to dedicate hours a day to feel these positive effects, intense exercise such as running for as little as 15 minutes a day or an hour walk a day can reduce the risk of major depression.


Including reading in your life can help you feel more relaxed. Feeling stressed is a natural emotion that everyone feels, reading can help put aside these daily stressors, being immersed in an alternative world, providing an escape from tense feelings of stress, creating a relaxed mindset. Reading can also have positive effects on depression, it reflects bibliotherapy, reading and then talking about what you've read.

Social interaction

It has been said that social interaction can help with your mental health this is due to its benefits being, able to confide and have others confide in you, creates a sense of belonging and safety. Being able to confide in others face to face and share experiences and feelings can make you feel lighter and act as a support system. social interactions can also provide distractions to stresses and anxieties that may be going around your thoughts if you were alone, instead you are enjoying yourself with others and having shared experiences. This is a good step towards improving your mental health as isolation and loneliness can contribute to depression.

New skills or hobbies

learning new skills is a great way to improve your mental health, not only are they practical and leave you with products of your work, but can also boost your confidence within yourself therefore rising your self esteem, help you connect with others who share the same skill, hobby or interest, as well as helping you build a sense of purpose. Make sure when learning new skills that it is something that you are interested in and get enjoyment out of, putting yourself through the task of learning something you are not interested in could make your mental health worse.

Acts of kindness

Everybody loves receiving an act of kindness, whether it be a compliment, dedication of time or a cute gift, we feel great and appreciated. However, giving acts of kindness can make you feel just as great if not more. Giving someone an act of kindness can improve your mental health by making you feel a sense of belonging, boost confidence, a sense of being in control, happiness and optimism. Giving acts of kindness to people can also encourage them to do the same which can create a positive and ongoing cycle.

Closing thought

If you are struggling with your mental health or just want to keep a positive and a minimal stress mind, try to incorporate these tips into your daily routine, whether it be all five or one that speaks out to you. I personally use the tip of exercise, it makes me feel productive in my day and helps me feel healthy and like I'm working towards a goal giving me more purpose and enjoyment out of my daily routine which can sometimes be boring and or minimal.


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