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Has Money In The Modern Day Ruined Our Idea of Happiness?

Money is a key factor for survival in our lives. It is a tangible and intangible asset that allows us to purchase basic necessities such as food and water but can also be used in a way to indulge to whichever lifestyle we choose as human beings. This idea of currency is one where there is a very large spectrum in which some people have little access whereas some people have all the money in the world. Living in a western society allows for the idea of consumerism to come into play, can and has proven to distort the idea of happiness that a person has.

Money and happiness

Whilst is true that technically money makes the world go round, is it the true key factor in order to achieve happiness? This saying widely refers to the economies in which countries have to run their country. Many people are determined to have all the riches in the world in order to feel happy and successful whilst others don't care about money more-so than their own integral values. So the question is why do people in society feel the need to a vast access to wealth? This question can be answered in many ways but one of the main answers to this is that money is an outlet to enjoy life. Nothing is free in the world we live in therefore people need to spend in order to travel or purchase possessions in which will bring them joy. The problem arises when people become obsessed with possessions and feel that to be valued their own worldly possessions must be better than one another's.

As a young person who hasn't arrived into the world of work yet, I am eager to make a lot of money to live the lifestyle I want in the future but at the same time I am also scared of the question, how much of this drive is coming from myself or other influences? Do I want to earn a lot of money because it will enable to make me happy or is it because I feel the need to live a more extravagant lifestyle due to everything I've consumed on social media.

Social media

The acceleration of social media since the year 2000 has been immense. Everything people see on these platforms can consciously and subconsciously affect the way we think and act. Seeing someone have expensive goods and live a lavish lifestyle can make some feel the need they need to be at that level whilst others brush it off and see it as shallow.

"Teens in the Gen Z cohort (those aged 14–19) consume more news than their Gen Z adult counterparts (those aged 20–25), according to our Digital media trends survey. Roughly eight in 10 (78%) Gen Z teens get news or current events daily from at least one source". - Deloitte.

With young people consuming social media at a high rate in today's world it can contribute to a culture of materialism and celebrity worship, which can influence young people's attitudes and values toward wealth and what success really is. Furthermore, social media platforms are used by influencers and celebrities who display extravagant lifestyles, which may create a perception that material possessions and wealth are the keys to happiness and success. Ultimately, individual beliefs and attitudes toward money is a complex ideal of personal experiences, societal norms and cultural values.

Is money the root of all evil?

The way in which money is evil is that it is a major distraction to how we live our lives. Money distracts us from that the fact that it cannot provide love which is probably in my opinion the biggest factor of happiness. Who we choose to surround ourselves with, the friends that we make, or the family members we are close to, money cannot buy that. It also can't buy character or loyalty which is integral for a close relationship with someone. People can be your friends because you are rich or some may want to be your partner due to the money you make, but it is superficial. Money can be evil in that sense as it can bring fake people into your life and it distracts you from what makes you truly happy. People spend their whole lives trying to accumulate wealth but cannot take it to their grave. The counterpart to this would be providing your family with a better infrastructure than you had growing up. Bettering your family's future from the money you make can provide happiness to one's self as you know you've taken care of your family before you pass and knowing you have financially bettered their future.

Money in my opinion has overall ruined the idea of happiness in our society, especially in my generation. People's major worry in life is money and how they are going to receive it. This is a very controversial topic but I believe that in today's society I stand by the quote of "we buy things we don't need, with money we don't have, to impress people we don't like".

In conclusion, this is a very complex question that has many different views and opinions and I hope you have enjoyed reading my opinion as well.

Asad Ahmed

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