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Hana Tajima: The Modest Influencer

A designer and visual artist, Hana Tajima, uses her platform to create a unique voice in fashion. Choosing clothing based on how she wants to feel rather than how she wants to look, she’s a great influencer of choice for those wanting a paired down approach whilst still being creative. Her aim is to design items that are not trend-led, so that people can add their own spin and express their style.

Partnering with Uniqlo in 2015, Hana has since developed a collection that offers women comfortable, versatile clothing. Speaking to Fashionista, she originally called her collaboration “a small project” which was first released in Southeast Asia, then expanded across the rest of the world.

It began as a modest line for Muslim women with creating Uniqlo’s first hijab but now it’s about clothes for everyone. The collections embrace all cultures, religions and backgrounds proving that Hana can be a modest influencer but have a sense of style without being boring and plain.

Her curated blog and Instagram feed provide beautiful film imagery and styled imagery for her collection and from her own wardrobe. She is a change in approach to what’s “norm” in the fashion/influencer industry, especially campaigning for women and understated fashion. Providing a platform for simpler style for women and showing that you do not need to change how you dress to feel the way you want to feel while wearing fashion of your own style.


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