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Groovy Boobs Founders Interview

This month we've had the pleasure of hosting our first giveaway with the insanely talented @groovy.boobs! We wanted to partner with a business that truly manifests our ethos and one that matches this months campaign topic - Body Image. Who better than the brilliantly skilled Beth who so kindly sat down with us to cover all things body positivity!

Image credit @groovy.boobs on Instagram

Hey Beth! Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi, I’m Beth! I'm a recent drama graduate who lives in Manchester with my two kittens Salem & Jiji. I make boob and bum pots! While working on groovy boobs I also work full-time in a lingerie shop. When I’m not crafting boobs I’m really into researching 90’s fashion and playing with my cats!

And how about groovy boobs?

Groovy Boobs was born in lockdown! I had not long finished my degree and I was missing being creative while I was sitting at home all day every day. I came across boob pots on Instagram previously and wanted to make my own more as just a hobby and I had always wanted to try using clay. Surprisingly when I posted about them on my own Instagram a friend wanted to buy one off me and it was that moment that set off groovy boobs as a business. In nearly two years I have done some amazing things with groovy boobs and made so many friends! I have worked at markets all the way to working with Netflix!

What was the decision process behind boobs, bums and nipples for your store?

I had been making boob pots for well over a year and they have always been the main thing in my store. Throughout that time, I have made a few other products such as boob dishes and boob earrings but the new products such as bum pots and nipple dishes are one of my faves so far! I wanted to create another form of body pot and I saw patterned bum pots weren’t as much as thing as boob pots, so I made them!

What makes your pieces stand out?

I definitely think it’s the bright colours and patterns, like I’m definitely not the first person to create boob pots however I’ve tried to make them different to all the rest! Every pot I make is painted with all different kinds of patterns and a wide variety of bright colours. I try not to make each pot the same, I do this by changing up colours or even making a boob look a little wonkier.

Image credit @groovy.boobs on Instagram

What do your pieces offer people?

Embracing our bodies and femininity has always been a subject close to me; during my final year of university, I had made a whole performance on the matter which discussed the topic. I want people to be happy with their bodies and love them for who they are! I even do custom orders for people who want their body on a pot, so they can celebrate it! One of my main aims when I created groovy boobs was to aid in desexualising our bodies. I want it to be normal to have boobs everywhere! They are a completely natural thing and I don’t want it to be weird to have boobs on display. I also always make my pots with boobs of all shapes and sizes! Sometimes one boob is bigger or smaller than the other, or maybe a nipple is different from the other. No two groovy boobs are the same. I feel if we see more normal-looking boobs in our everyday life we learn to accept own our a little bit more.

What advice would you give people who are self-conscious about their body image?

Remember it’s always a journey accepting your body. I’ve definitely had my own struggles over the years. I would say surround yourself with people with positive energy and people who aren’t going to put you down but bring you up!

Where can our readers get hold of one of your lovely pieces?

They can find me at, or they can also find me on Instagram @groovy.boobs; I do custom orders too so just drop me a message! I also do markets all over the Manchester area, so sometimes you can see me there too.

A huge thanks to Beth for taking the time to interview with us. She demonstrates the utmost professionalism as well as an admirable gift for the arts!

Click the image below to find out how to enter our giveaway!


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