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Get to know Pattie Gonia, Drag queen & queer environmentalist

Pattie and the internet

Sometimes the internet throws out some absolutely iconic , once in a lifetime kind of people and this very much is the case with the internet sensation that is "Pattie Gonia", a drag queen and queer environmentalist advocating for our planet.

Pattie brings the drama and also the passion to being an environmentalist , they have done some rather interesting things in their time on the internet , a highlight being that of rock climbing in heels. Pattie posted their first video on TikTok in 2020 and each little piece of content on the internet since has been a bold statement about respecting the planet we live on.

Their videos have gained a lot of traction over 1 million likes and 130.2k followers. Pattie has also created content such as turning eliminating waste into a "fashion moment".

Pattie's mission

Pattie's mission is to bring the drag , diversity and community to the great outdoors. Pattie wanted to share their environmental advocacy through their art from of drag and to make the outdoors "as gay as possible."

They take part in outdoor advocacy projects , community organising for the climate movement and going outside to walk in nature. They create a lot of their looks out of up-cycled materials from plastic bags to tents and much more.

Be a little more Pattie

Pattie is a great example of using sexual identity, sexuality and fashion to hone who you are and use your art and personality for the greater good. Maybe we should all give the planet a hug and be a little more Pattie Gonia!


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