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George Hodgson: Maison De Choup

George Hodgson is the founder of Maison De Choup, a fashion brand with a strong message that mental health matters. The brand works alongside university students to encourage people to be vocal about their own mental health experiences.

The brand is artistic through expression. For instance the “Warrior not Worrier” collection promotes a clear ethos in facing mental health struggles and focuses on a positive alternative to negative thoughts.

Ethics and sustainability are ingrained into the business model. Maison De Choup dismisses over-production and provides quality tested, ethically sourced apparel. The brand also donates 25% of its profits from certain collections to a charity called Young Minds. Young Minds believes in providing mental health support for everyone who needs it, no matter what the situation.

Maison De Choup is built on simplicity, unity and strength. George and his brand are both to be admired. Vanity Fair has praised the business for being built on a true cause with meaning. Both the business and George are not afraid to express the journey of highs and lows they both face.

George Hodgson’s Mental Health Journey

George took part in a documentary with The Hook for Royal London called Fight or Flight about taking MDMA at Nass Festival. He explained the crippling effects of the drug and has always stayed transparent and open regarding his mental health.

George experienced panic attacks years after taking the drug. The battle included dark thoughts, OCD (particularly washing his hands 50-100 times a day) and intense loneliness. George began to put his struggles on paper, using drawing as a way of communicating his feelings.

George founded Maison De Choup 2014. The brand arose out of his debilitating journey of anxiety and grew into a creative business.

George’s week is in constant motion, with a creatively active personality and a drive to achieve, learn or take appropriate time for himself. George enjoys collaborations and cannot abide a stagnant lifestyle.

When George is not fulfilling orders, at business meetings or making new connections, these are some of the recreational activities that help George to unwind and have some ‘me’ time.

Nature helps George assess his thoughts and feelings. He appreciates the benefits of nature for his mental health, as the countryside is a serene place in which to escape his active lifestyle. Time in the outdoors releases endorphins and can elevate your state of mental health. A break from the office or glowing screens can also be beneficial to your mood.

Fortunately, George has seen an improvement in his anxiety levels. After three years of therapy he advocates practicing certain coping mechanisms. There is no problem in taking a day off, as it normally improves the productivity for the following day. George also places great importance on a reliable sleep pattern and hygiene. Early nights and early starts ensure a valuable, successful week. Classical music at any time of the day alongside delving into a terrific book are also on the list of winding down practices for George.

Other Facts about George Hodgson:

  1. George has spoken publicly about men’s mental health, identity and mindset at The Whole man academy. The Whole man academy is an establishment that encourages strength through conversation.

  2. The Talkinabout podcast, which began ten months ago, presents the hosts George and his sister delving into different topics such as grief, Parkinsons diagnoses and food.

  3. George is an ambassador for The Shaw Mind Foundation, an organisation that champions the idea that everyone should have access to mental health resources.

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