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Gender Fluidity in Indonesian Fashion

In recent years, more people have started to challenge the concept of femininity and masculinity. This can be seen through different movements that contradict the set gender stereotypes. One trend known through this phenomenon is the increase in the popularity of gender-fluid fashion. Gender-fluid fashions are garments that are not confined by the term “menswear” or “womenswear” instead it offers more inclusivity for the wearer.

Struggle for Acceptance

In Indonesia, gender-fluid clothing is slowly getting more recognition, especially through increased exposure from social media such as TikTok and Instagram. There is a study done on public opinion on the concept of gender-fluid clothing. The study shows that people acknowledge the concept of gender-fluid clothing, however, people still struggle with accepting the use of it in their daily lives. There also seems to be negative feedback shown by participants when they are shown a male wearing clothing that is considered feminine.

A Different Perspective

In an article written by JFW (Jakarta Fashion Week), Hartono Gan, an Indonesian fashion designer talked about his opinion on gender-fluid fashion. For Hartono, some clothing could be considered gender fluid if it were able to accommodate the wearer no matter the gender. Not only that it could also be said comfort is an important part of gender-fluid clothing as Hartono thinks that discomfort could be caused by the clothing not being designed to accommodate the wearer's anatomy.

“For me, fashion is a language of self-identity. Fashion is a world that is very gender-free. It is a language, it is a self-expression,"

In his interview, he addressed the stigma of how gender-fluid clothing is only for transgender and non-binary people. He stresses that gender-fluid clothing is meant to be worn by everyone and that it is meant to be a more neutral choice.

It is important to note that the emergence of gender-fluid fashion in Indonesia has brought a shift in perspectives and challenged traditional notions of gender and clothing. Although the journey towards widespread acceptance of gender-fluid fashion is an ongoing battle, the growing awareness of gender-neutral clothing could act as a first step to creating a more inclusive fashion landscape in Indonesia.


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