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Gen z’s pressure to keep up with fashion trends

The pressure young people have to keep up with current trends

Although fashion can contribute in aiding an individual with good mental health, the immense pressure for young people to stay up to date can be jarring. Nowadays fast fashion has allowed customers to frequently keep up with the newest trends at a cheaper price. However, with the constant changes there is pressure for young people to continue buying. The art of social media fuels this as the majority of gen Z’s are using social media platforms and use influencers for inspiration.

Gen Z’s pressure in fashion is constantly rising and will only increase more due to who they closely follow on social platforms. More of these influencers are increasingly starting to promote higher end designer fashion pieces. Many people are preoccupied with social acceptance and coolness associated with the clothes they wear.

For this reason, teenagers will exhibit a more brand-oriented decision when they go shopping. This further pressures these young people into buying unaffordable pieces. Most believe that wearing the latest trends, you will be more accepted because you’re following this specific framework of what is acceptable in society at the time. It is sad to think people can only fit in if they follow like sheep.

Things like this are putting young people’s mental health at risk as they see increasingly more people posting on social media their expensive clothing and accessories, which they simply cannot afford themselves. When they cannot afford the clothing they want, they begin to think they don’t look good or they’re not cool enough. To add to this, this pressure rubs off on to parents as well who can’t afford to keep up with expensive clothing for their children – also presenting great challenges within their own mental health.

Is fashion a problem in society?

A lot of people stress over bigger issues in society like education, violence, drug addiction, overpopulation, and more. However, the past decade has shown teenagers suffering from fashion pressure. That feeling of being inferior about themselves for not having what the trendsetting fashion influencers have. People need to learn that fashion is about expressing yourself in the way you want to. Not by copying others to try and fit in.

Some wear the latest trends even when they don’t feel comfortable in the clothes. Trends change constantly and to get obsessed with wanting to always be that person fitting in is such a big issue in todays society. Those who lose themselves trying to do so and be someone they aren’t can get stuck in a cycle of not creating true happiness, leading to great mental health problems. Some trends just aren’t for everyone.

Evidently, fashion causes problems to people’s mental health as stated above through the pressure of trends. However it is not widely mentioned that those working in the industry are under pressure themselves leaving its workers vulnerable to mental health issues, impacting employers and employees. It is usually a rush against time for a company to produce and sell the upcoming in-trend clothing pieces.

The aim is to get it ‘from catwalk to closet’ in the quickest possible time. This obviously involves a lot of hard work and stress from workers to make the release a success. Mental health is a massive problem and every aspect of life can affect each individual differently. In order to not let things affect you as much you need to stop worrying about what others think or do and do whatever you feel is right for you!

How fashion helps mental health

Teenagers and young people are possibly the most fashion-conscious individuals on earth. Fashion and your image work together and have a huge impact on one’s lifestyle. Fashion is incredibly important to young people as it allows them to show their personality to the world, who they are or whom they want to be.

As people grow, they form their sense of self through the clothes they wear. People use this as a way to express themselves as well as their affiliations, gain social status and bond with their peers.

They use fashion to show their personal identity through the way they dress. Everyone dresses in the style they like the most and feel the most confident in. Proving that fashion is a massive factor in enabling a positive mental health journey, especially through adolescence. Showing gen Z’s pressure in fashion is seen more now than ever.

Dressing how you want to feel is a way to embody the state of mind you seek and to shape other people’s perception of you in a positive way. But fashion simply doesn’t shape our perception and self-expression; it also influences how we are treated by other people which in turn can impact our mental wellbeing.

On days where we may not feel our best, the clothes we wear can make us feel a lot better and act as our armour. Everyone feels comfortable in different things. It’s whatever works for you and it’s your health that matters.

Fashion is a massive factor in helping you to feel you are in a better place, whether that may be creating cool looks or wearing some comfy joggers. Whatever you feel comfortable in, allows your brain to feel the same.


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