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Gen Z Are Proud!

Lesbian couple taking a picture with LGBTQ pride flag

With the rising popularity of TikTok, one generation has used it to find their voices.

Gen Z, born between the mid 90s and early 2010s, have grown in a world that has been evolving with the use of social media. They know of the incredible power of online activism and how to use it to help make changes. Gen Z does not shy away from standing up for what they believe is right and use social media platforms such as TikTok to advocate LGBTQ+ rights.

Users create short videos that range from personal coming out stories to informative content that challenges stereotypes and misconceptions. Many content creators use the platform as a way of expressing their creativity and fostering a greater understanding and acceptance among both LGBTQ+ individuals and the wider community.


A personal favourite creator of mine is Cristian Dennis. He is a 25-year-old Cameroonian-American who started his journey doing makeup at 3am at his parents’ house to having millions following his content. His videos centre around his new makeup looks, him dancing and fashion. He revealed that he has struggled with his gender identity growing up in a strict household as his parents ‘were not really about it’. Right now, he is one of the most successful queer and Black content creators on TikTok.

Cristian and his boyfriend, Tyshon, also a TikToker, realised that there wasn’t much representation of black and gay people in media and so they took matter to their hands. Now that they have a huge following they continue to spread their message to young people: be yourself no matter what.

Another example is Seth Williams. As a self-described "femboy," Seth welcomes any pronoun use and confidently embraces his Nigerian American and non-binary heritage. He has become a positive role model, aiming to change the stigma surrounding feminine men and non-binary individuals. Through his content, Seth wishes to raise awareness about their lives, the challenges they face, and provide a positive image of what young queer individuals can aspire to become. As Seth's influence grows, he hopes TikTok's recent shift in direction will continue to amplify the voices of people of colour within the LGBTQ+ community.

In this digital era, Gen Z has harnessed the power of TikTok to not only spread awareness about LGBTQ+ issues but also to showcase their authentic selves, leaving a permanent mark on society. With their firm commitment to standing up for what is right, Gen Z proves that the future is bright and that progress towards equality and acceptance is within our reach.


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