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Five of the Best Red Carpet Looks

Whether it’s a Hollywood film premiere, a music awards show, or a fashion show, the red carpet is an ever-present. With the red carpet there comes an almost endless display of diversity and style through fashion choices by the stars. From frocks, gowns, tuxedos, and sequins, there is never a boring outfit on red carpet.

With so many outfits on display at these events, some stars’ fashion choices have stuck in our minds more than others. There are so many memorable outfits and makeup choices but here are the five of the best red carpet looks over the years.

Jane Fonda at the 2018 Academy Awards

Showing that age is just a number, Jane Fonda looked regal in a stunning white Balmain gown at the 2018 academy awards. As well as following in her father’s footsteps in the movie business, Fonda has spent most of her life keeping active, which explains why the then 80 year old looked a lot younger than her years.

Fonda wore a white column gown which complimented the actor’s slim frame, paired with a unique blowout hairstyle. One of her most poignant accessories was a #TimesUp pin which the actress wore on the front of the gown. This was an extremely meaningful gesture in response to the news about sexual harassment in Hollywood, stemming from accusations against Harvey Weinstein in late 2017.

Marilyn Monroe at 1954 film premiere

Pop culture icon and queen of fashion in the 1950s and ’60s, Marilyn Monroe did not disappoint on any of her red carpet appearances. One of her more iconic looks came at the 1954 premiere of her film “There’s No Business Like Show Business.”

The star wore a stunning, body hugging silk gown with matching silk gloves. Monroe also wore a beautiful fur shawl to finish her dazzling look. In most photographs of this particular outfit, those around her look in awe of the star, a true testament to the style of one of the biggest icons of Hollywood.

Zendaya at the 2019 Met Gala

Actress Zendaya has always been known for her natural beauty and chic style when it comes to performing on the big screen and attending red carpet events such as the Oscars. However, one of Zendaya’s most iconic looks was shown at the Met Gala.

The Spiderman actor wore a Cinderella-inspired Tommy Hilfiger dress, complete with blue lights all the way down the outfit. Zendaya accessorized with a bag designed to look like Cinderella’s carriage. The ensemble was complete as her stylist, Law Roach, dressed as the Fairy Godmother, waving a wand to light up her dress. The look will have been emotional for many people, as the look of fairy princesses is one of the most iconic in film industry, with many young girls aspiring to be like them in the early days of their youth.

Despite only being 24, Zendaya has been to a handful of Met Gala events, showing that she is definitely no stranger to the fashion industry, even though her passion for acting still shines through.

Michael Jackson at the 1984 Grammys

On one of his most successful nights in his 50 year career, Michael Jackson won big at the 26th Annual Grammys, winning eight Grammys in one night, a record that is still held today. However, Michael’s outfit also stole the show, making every other outfit seem bland, and this was the ’80s, a decade where there was no such thing as a boring outfit!

Known for his original and quirky costumes, Jackson attended the event sporting one of his signature sequined military jackets, accompanied by black trousers, loafers, and of course his trademark sequin glove and aviators.

The outfit was impossible to miss for those attending, and those watching from home. Although it was outlandish and may have been considered strange by the general public, the outfit represented the presence of one of the most famous people to ever live. On top of this, Jackson’s 1984 outfit is one of the most iconic in the history of red carpet events.

Billie Eilish at the 2020 Grammys

On 26th January 2020, less than 2 months before the world was plunged into lockdown, the 2020 Grammys was hosted at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles. Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas were the biggest winners of the night with Billie earning herself five Grammys, only three off Jackson’s record.

The then-18 year old singer, who is known for her own unique style of oversized designer clothing and dyed hair, did not disappoint. The star opted for a custom-made Gucci bowling shirt and matching jogging pants, with a neon theme. Billie also wore a neon green turtleneck with puffed sleeves to give a nice finish to her style.

Oversized and casual designer clothing has been Eilish’s go-to for several years. She admits that she “Doesn’t want everyone to know everything about me. That’s why I wear baggy clothes. People can’t have an opinion if they cannot see what’s underneath.”

Whatever people think, we think she smashed it at the Grammys.


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