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Festival Fashion: Old Is The New New

Festival fashion is always changing but it is not always good for the environment.

Have you ever thought about wearing old clothes to a festival? I bet not. Well I am going to tell you how, old is the new new. In addition to this, I will show you how reusing clothing can save the planet.

Festivals are events that are celebrated by different cultures around the world. There are different kinds of festivals, such as, food, arts, music and many more. Music festivals are most popular in the UK with Glastonbury 2019 at the top. People gather together to enjoy music and drinks with friends.

Festival fashion has become a huge style point over recent years with big brands bringing out specific clothing lines for festivals. Sunglasses, short shorts, wellies and a nice top and you're pretty much sorted, for a girl. But what about pulling last years clothes out? Does everything have to be brand new for these events?

Festival fashion and our planet

People take many styles to festivals, including boho/indie, neon, hippie, casual and disco. Outfits usually stand-out with sequins, feathers, glitter and crystals. These are not always good for the environment because they are not all biodegradable, however people still continue to wear them. They are made from plastic, which adds to the environments microplastics pollution problem.

Microplastics are tiny pieces of plastic, which can enter our oceans causing harm to sea life. However, there is a growing concern and a call for help to clean our oceans and save our sea life. Therefore, if we start making better choices now then we can make a difference.

“Plastic has been found in the stomachs of almost all marine species including fish, birds, whales, dolphins, seals and turtles” Marine Conservation Society

How to make the old clothes stand-out

You can make a change to our environment by changing the way you dress. Firstly, what you could do is buy more sustainable clothing, which could be a backpack made from recycled plastic. Secondly, you could buy second hand from charities or friends and family.

Finally, you could just wear clothes you already have. Yes, you heard me, make those old clothes in the back of your wardrobe new again.

Maybe you have a very old funky patterned top, that you could cut up and use as a bandana or headband. Throw together an old t-shirt paired with a sparkly dress you haven’t wore for a while, or rip an old pair of jeans and make some sassy new shorts.

Visit your grandma for some vintage pieces, she may just have what you're looking for. Grandads too! He must have an old belt laying around somewhere.

Charity shops are a great way to reuse old clothes, never know what you will find… Wellies maybe (festivals can be muddy). You could jazz them up with some bows made from your grandmas ribbon box.

Borrowing from a friend is always a good idea. They always have something you want or need, especially those who go to lots of festivals. Their 2019 V-Fest outfit could be yours for Glastonbury 2022.

There are so many ways to use old clothes and make them look epic, you just need to think out of the box. Every time you go to a festival in future keep this in mind. That one small change could make all the difference and save our sea life.

My festival picks

Here are a six items that I have found that could work well with old clothing. Also there’s a couple of bits that are 100% eco friendly too. Let the festivity begin!

  1. Ecoalf Munich Backpack £140 (Ecoalf) – Made from recycled plastic bottles

  2. Frame Small Round Sunglasses £10 (ISawItFirst)

  3. Renaissance Print Bucket Hat £9.60 (Boohoo)

  4. Sixth June T-shirt Mens £30 (ASOS)

  5. FLWRDWN™ Beanie Mens £117 (Pangaia) – Made with biodegradable materials

  6. Solid Ribbed Cami Top £6.49 (Shein)

“Good design looks neither new or old. It is just a bridge between the past and the future” Ecoalf


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