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Fast Fashion Needs To Stop

It is easy in this modern-day, technological world, to pick up your phone, and look through a mobile app that gives you endless amounts of coupons, free delivery and really cheap clothing. But, underlying all of this is a world that is dying, people being mistreated and some people taking your money and making millions and not spreading it out equally.

Fast fashion is easy for the consumer. You order quickly and don't spend as much money but companies that have gone online such as Shein and Boohoo haven't considered the impact this has on workers and the environment.

According to Shein and its impact on the environment have said 'they use materials that are not fit for the environment at all. They include hazardous chemicals to microplastics, all of which result in carbon emissions.' Not only has Shein been targeted as an impact of global warming and climate change, but there have been some very serious rumours and claims made by shoppers about their workers.

The Shock of Shein

Claims have been made by shoppers of shein, that they have spotted help messages written in their clothing. This could be either handwritten or stitched. All of Shein's product's are made in China and many people believe they are made in sweat shops that hire children and exploit their workers. It is scary to hear stories of this and to also read articles about it. As mentioned, it is so easy for people to use online shops such as Shein as it is so cheap and easy, but people don't realise the dangers behind it all.

The environmental impact is also a concern. Free delivery is a good deal, but not for the planet. A plane has to come from China and deliver our clothes to the UK and this happens many times in one day. The emissions being put into air are extremely dangerous for the planet. It is encouraged to try and shop locally and organically as this does less damage. The companies that fly our clothes from far away distances are impacting global warming and climate change.

New Look's Promise

New Look has stated in their sustainability report that 'Sustainability is integral to our business strategy and a key differentiator, helping us deliver our purpose, to ‘inspire that New Look feeling’. Despite New Look not promoting this enough, they are actually one of the most sustainable clothing shops. They are committed to only using organic cotton and their products use less water than most other shops to produce them.

In order to help the environment and to help spread the word, companies and organisations should push their marketing teams to promote what they are doing to be more sustainable. Whether this is just making it a selling point that New Look for example use organic cotton or just how customers could help. Not enough people know how dangerous unsustainable clothing can be to the planet. It is a worrying factor towards climate change and global warming.

How we can help...

  1. Share posts and make videos about the most sustainable ways to shop.

  2. Share the knowledge of shops that are good for the environment.

  3. Stop buying cheap clothes and think about its wider, global impact.

  4. Read into the impacts of unsustainable clothing.

  5. Start to think about making your own clothing or shopping at second-hand shops.

Bringing Back Second-Hand Shopping

Since social media's Tik Tok became a hit. Second-hand shopping has become more of a trend rather than something to look down on. It is great and has a brilliant impact on helping the planet. Many young people make videos of themselves putting together second-hand clothes and making new outfits and very trendy ones indeed. Charity shops are very common in the UK, so they are very accessible and so many people can enjoy buying from them. Cheap and sustainable. What's not to love?

It is important future generations see the fun in being sustainable and helping the planet. Social media has the power to help influence people and future generations, we just need the word to be spread fast. We can all do this to help our beautiful planet.


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