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Inside UK Festival Fashion

It’s no surprise that British festivals are infamous for a range of fashion choices. Such as glitter absolutely everywhere to wear a literal dark fruits box as an outfit. If you’ve been to a British festival you’ve pretty much seen it all.

Because of the nature of festivals it home to some of the most amazing and the most questionable outfits. The comparison between the rave tents and the indie stages is a sight to behold. The range of different festival types leaves room for even more styles. No matter which festival you grace with your presence, they’ll always be some interesting fashion choices.

Over the decades of festivals from Woodstock to Leeds fest we’ve seen the progression of festival fashion. Back when it was peace and love the common outfits were flowy and free. With the birth of raves and dance festivals, wearing barely anything seems to be the more usual approach.

It doesn’t take much to see the clear difference in peoples fashion sense. The evolution of fashion will most likely keep progressing. But how out there are people willing to go?

The Birthplace to Bare all

Fishnet cycling shorts and a bikini top, shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. Festival essentials in this day and age. For men it seems all too easy to throw on a ugly shirt and shorts with a pair of sunglasses. But the process women go through to prepare and look their best takes a whole lot of time. The sparkly the better and it seems the less clothes the better too.

Festivals are their own fashion shows in a sense. There’s always a different type of outfit to see and it’s a sea of colour and glitter. As most festivals are weekends, every day they’ll be new outfits. It gets to the point where some people coordinate their outfits to the act playing.

Once it hits April/May time you’ll see every fashion brand add ‘festival shop’ to their online sites and in store. They cater for every kind of festival goer for dance festivals to hard core rock.

The Beauty of Expression

The way people express themselves at events is like no other time. It’s like a true sense of non judgement as everyone is as care-free as each other. Much like Festivals in America, people go all out.

The difference between American festival fashion and British festival fashion is huge. Americas have flower crowns and quite tame fashion where as the British have absolutely no filter. It’s really a completely different world but UK festivals wouldn’t have it any other way.

There’s some negative stigmas around festivals as there is with any event. But there is also something amazing about them. The fact you can go to festival and see someone wearing an outfit you like, you compliment them and suddenly you’re best friends. The freedom of festival fashion brings people together.

More people need to express themselves however they feel, regardless of if it’s at a festival or not. The fashion industry grows with us and adapts to everyone tastes. Festivals are just one of the many ways people see fit to express themselves.

Festival fashion is not just about outrageous outfits, it’s about bonding through fashion.

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