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Fashion of the Sea

“Just look at the world around you, right here on the ocean floor” quoted Sebastian the Crab of The Little Mermaid in 1989. With the catchy tune, it was an inspiration for the fashion world.

2019 Couture fashion show

Over-the-top, swoon-worthy gowns to the most beautiful hand sewn details, the 2019 fashion show had a range of collections that were awash with marine and oceanic detailing. Garments that had intricate floating shapes, wafted down the runway like life in the ocean floor.

Jean Paul created a dress with a beautiful shade of electric blue, and jellyfish-like textures that floated on the runway. Alongside this, the look was partnered with a frizzled, crimped hair style that resembled the corals of the sea with an ombre of blue like the ocean surface. The juxtaposition of the delicate dress paired with the rugged hair style captured the essence of the ocean world.

From the inspiration of the Royal Ray, Iris Van Herpen created an astonishing diaphanous silhouette with hand-plissé volumes, soft patterning, and alluring body focus in a deep royal prussian blue. Swifting like a Ray, Iris Van Herpen captured the runway making a statement.

A little different from the inspiration of the inner ocean world, Elie Saab created a glamorous swimwear-styled garment bodied with gold, white, and blue sequences. The gold body with hints of blue, captured the style of a wave crashing like a spell had been cast through the sea shores. Paired with goggle-type glasses, the look was completed with shades of blue sequins styled on a cover up.

Alongside this garment, the collection consisted of pastel pink and blue colours with different structures and materials, resembling the life of the sea. Out of the spring 2019 Couture collections, this is one to definitely be looked into.

Not only in the world of the runway, but the inspirations of the sea have also been styled along other fashion garments and accessories seen in day-to-day fashion.

As we know, the style of the mermaid dress has adapted over the years of fashion. A mermaid style is closely fitted in the bodice all the way down to the knee, where it dramatically flares out like a mermaid tail, as seen in the movies.

The mermaid style dress is most commonly seen in wedding dresses as it captures the bride’s silhouette alongside making a beautiful statement. Mermaid dresses can be seen with different details, from lace to glitter to a simplicity of plain satin. The inspiration of the mermaid myth has created a style that is loved among many.

“From threat to thread.” adidas

Popular fashion company, adidas, have followed the trend of upcycling and have created the collection of sportswear that’s made from the plastics found in our oceans, beaches, and coastal communities.

Naming their collection, Primeblue, it consists of comfortable sportswear that follows the trends of today’s society fashion. The concept of involving recycled plastics from our ocean not only protects it, but also allows the process of recycling to increase as there is a high demand for popular items, such as Ultraboost shoes.


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