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Easy, spectacular festival fashion!

Fashion has played a pivotal role in festival culture, highlight aspects of rebellion and support. The purpose of fashion in festivals has reason to promote social cohesion, celebrate minorities or support bands/ethic groups.

When festivals evolved, along with music, fashion advanced with it. Fashion has led to the promotion of subcultures within the mainstream festival culture. The three types of festivals are regional, seasonal and religious. Examples of festivals are Capital Summertime Ball and Glastonbury.

Festival Fashion for Males

Festival fashion for males is relatively free, involving hats, loose clothing and cardigans. The main purpose is to not put too much weight on a person due to standing for long periods. Outfits for festivals involved an array of ideas.

One of which, is from ASOS. The hats sold by this company use army textured patterns to symbolise survival in the wild- for that party feel. Other lightweight items use landscape views for an eye-catching, terrific display. Through using t-shirts and jumpers. Colours are bright throughout the different types of clothing.

Fashion for Females

Similar to males, festival fashion for females is mostly lightweight. Although, there are items of clothing that are considered to be bulky. However, these are for night time. These include jumpers, cardigans and jeans.

Compared to nightwear, daywear for females in more revealing, an exemplar item would be trouser that has rips in- the thing your grandparents will always make fun of! Pretty Little Thing sells a brightly coloured dress that is perfect for festivals that are considered to be more upper class. Other dresses use a swishing action for a hipster look.

COVID-19: Easy alternatives

During COVID-19, festivals had to close due to the banning of the large group meeting. This is to reduce the R rate and prevent the spread of disease. As a result, festivals have ceased. Or have they just changed? There is a possibility for festivals to be carried out over zoom or teams.

What does this mean for fashion? The excitement of festival fashion has changed considerably. From elegant and stylish designs to pyjamas and athleisure wear. COVID-19 has created an opportunity for a more relaxed festival setting.

However, things are not the same.Covid-19 depending, festival fashion is forever changing. There is the potential for fashion to become more relaxed depending on the future.

If covid-19 lasts we may be able to have covid-19 festivals to celebrate the end of the pandemic… eventually!

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