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Don't Leave the Labels to the Next Generation

The world is non-binary. Children should be taught early on to appreciate others, accept their own differences, and not wronged themselves in the framework.

Many times, parents will assume their children's preferences and development based on their gender because of external "prejudice" or "stereotypes" that they have encountered. However, this behaviour has an impact on all possible futures for their children.

A 2019 study published in the prestigious academic magazine "Science" demonstrates that same-sex sexual behaviour is only a natural part of species diversity and confirms that "sex is complex" and cannot be easily categorised or generalised. It's difficult to pinpoint the factors that influence how someone's emotional orientation develops. The identity category based on emotional orientation may be a result of genes or society, but it is undoubtedly a social construct.

People differ from one another, yet differences also increase the diversity of this society. Prejudices, not differences, are frequently the underlying source of issues. Children have been exposed to a variety of gender frameworks through formal and informal education, including the idea that "boys should look like boys and girls should look like girls." It reduces trust and increases alienation, categorising others and labelling them by preconceived notions.

Lessen barriers, and encourage unfettered development

Parents should let children freely choose toys, clothing, and hobbies while accepting that they may have different hobbies and interests. Because there are no gender limits on objects that aid in the development of children's knowledge, such as colours, dolls, rice cookers, aeroplanes, and cannons. The reason why parents don't agree is the negative impact of established gender roles.

Increase guidance while eradicating bias

Parents can teach their children about gender equality by using stories. Parents should use open-ended questions to help their children, even if the storybook depicts the princess as a weakening and the prince as a hero; ask questions like, What would happen if Cinderella took the initiative to find the prince with a glass slipper? Children should be taught about gender and taught to respect various social developments.

Excessive expectations of gender roles in society will put pressure on the division of labour and employment choices between the sexes, distort people's willingness to develop, and even stifle people's development of talents and opportunities in certain fields.

Too much effort needs to be done in too many areas for gender equality to be fully achieved. The most effective method is education, in addition to leading by example. Establish the notion of gender equality in each and every child's uninvaded head in exchange for a brighter future.

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