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Dolphins Don’t Wear Gucci

How can the fashion industry help clean up the oceans?

For years, we have been polluting our oceans without ever stopping to consider the harm we’re doing to our planet. It’s not a new topic of conversation yet we still can’t seem to comprehend the fact that we need to clean up our act.

We are yet to discover 95% of our oceans, yet already 80% of life on earth inhabit them. Because of this fact alone, it should be enough for us to change our ways in terms of polluting our waters. 50%-80% of the earth’s oxygen comes from the ocean. Considering this, you’d have thought people would have stopped polluting it by now.

Unfortunately, the fashion industry has played a part in the pollution. Half a million tons of microfibres are dumped into the ocean each year. This is the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles. That fact alone must have some impact on people’s opinions?

It doesn’t seem like much has changed in the way people are behaving. However, some fashion brands are starting to rethink how they can be a part of saving the planet. PAPER is a chic, sustainable brand, whose new swimwear collection is made using a sustainable material fabricated from recycled fishing nets. Many brands such as PAPER have been trying to use recycled ocean pollution in their clothes.

Normalising sustainability

Sustainability as a result of the declining ocean health has been at the forefront of many activism campaigns. It’s great that fashion brands have started to see the damage their clothes cause, although not all brands have chosen to do something about it. Many have challenges they need to face to help combat ocean pollution.

It’s unusual to think about the fact that ocean pollution can be turned into materials. Wearing clothes out of plastic bottles before had never been something people would generally consider. For many people, knowing that its sustainable makes them more likely to go down this route when considering their fashion choices.

However, more people should be looking into how they can be more sustainable. This isn’t just for the public, brands as well need to rethink how they make and market their products. If its the appearance of products they’re worried about, research shows that they are very similar. Ocean pollution isn’t necessarily peoples first choice for a clothing material, however the material is very similar to regular products.

Promoting saving the ocean

Many brands not only create sustainable products, they promote ocean clean-up too. Parley for the Oceans is one of the brands who not only create sustainable fashion, they also help with ocean clean up charities and campaign against pollution.

More companies should not only make their products sustainable, but promote a healthy planet and oceans. This could help with peoples perspective of stopping ocean pollution – seeing fashion brands they know and love helping the planet might make them want to as well.

Change won’t happen over night and it’s up to us to change and help our planet. The oceans are just one part of the Earth. Fortunately it’s not too late to fix and help with the clean up. Fashion is such a huge part of everyone’s lives. If they can promote both fashion and sustainable, we’ll be on track to have a healthier planet.


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