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Does the carpet match the drapes? – Women on the red carpet who show us that body hair is nothing to

The red carpet, the perfect place to make a statement. Whether it’s about fashion, gender, the environment or body image, celebrities love to use their platform to challenge our ideals. Over the years, we’ve seen women flaunt their natural body hair on the red carpet as a statement of defiance and freedom.

But should this bold act even be seen as a statement? Will it ever just be considered the norm? Let’s celebrate some of my female heroes who use the red carpet as a chance to undo some of societies harmful stereotypes.

Amandla Stenberg at the European premiere of “The Hate U Give”

Actor Amandla Stenberg is a role model for many. Her outspoken nature and use of social media platforms shed light on social and political issues. She’s shared her opinions on issues regarding race countless times and inspires her followers through her journey as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

At the premiere of her film “The Hate U Give,” she looked flawless in a backless Valentino gown and unshaved armpits on show. She wants to communicate the idea that conformity doesn’t dictate self-worth or value and that everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin. A simple concept that for many, seems so difficult to obtain.

Mo’nique at the Golden Globes

Beautiful and talented actress Mo’nique shows us that she doesn’t care when it comes to leg hair. Dressed in her sleek, elegant, golden gown to collect her award for best supporting actress, she laughingly lifts her dress up to reveal “what a real leg looks like.” Good for her! She proves to us all that a little leg hair never hurt anyone, why should it?

To me, there’s nothing more glamorous than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. Unapologetically, herself.

Miley Cyrus at the amfAR Inspiration Gala

We all know Miley Cyrus as the outspoken, independent woman that she is. A free-thinker, often setting trends and influencing her fans to be uniquely themselves. She often takes to Instagram to celebrate her authenticity, regularly flaunting her armpit hair with pride. She’s done it again, but this time on the red carpet.

In her stunning custom Moschino gown, armpit hair never looked classier. She really embodies the idea that something so natural is and always should be considered completely normal! Miley will always be turning heads and sparking conversation and in this case, it was for all the right reasons.

Bella Thorne at the Rome Premiere of “Midnight Sun”

American actress Bella Thorne has been an advocate of female body hair for a long time. She was eager to show off her “au naturel” look at the premiere of her film ‘Midnight Sun’ in Rome.

Looking confident and stylish in her scarlet gown, she proudly rocks her armpit hair and shows us that this is how she feels most comfortable. She really was in her element, refusing to accept the notion that a man is “allowed” to be comfortable with the hair on his body but a woman “shouldn’t” be. Thank you, Bella, for defying the social pressures that serve only to destroy our confidence.

Adele at the Grammy awards

Another strong and confident woman making her own choices about her body is Adele. She was seen at the Grammys in a beautiful floral dress that revealed her unshaved legs. In the past, she admitted feeling pressured to shave, especially at shows where the audience might notice some hair – horrifying, I know!

But since then she has ditched the expectations to be smooth and hairless, responding to questions from reporters in true Adele fashion. When asked how her partner felt about her body hair, she responded:

Whether it’s in magazines, on social media or on the red carpet, we’re seeing confident women express themselves more and more. Female body hair is becoming more widely accepted and maybe even “trendy.”

But there’s still a huge stigma surrounding the topic and understandably, it will take a lot of work to undo years of stereotyping and social constructs. These female celebrities are leading the way in a more open conversation about body hair and a future where it can be normalised.

And with more models rocking their natural body hair and celebrities supporting women who choose not to shave, I hope we can live in a world where body hair isn’t even a statement.

Where a woman can just be…a woman.


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