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Does Money Truly Buy Happiness?

Woman crying while she counts her cash
Tears Of Happiness Or Stress?

Money and happiness have been two of the most discussed topics for decades. People often equate money with happiness, believing that having more money will lead to more happiness and fulfillment in life while others argue that money cannot buy happiness. However, the relationship between money and happiness is much more complex and is not a straightforward matter that can be answered. In this article, we will explore the various factors that impact the relationship between money and happiness and attempt to answer the question: does money buy happiness?

Student's point of view

As students, many of us often struggle with the question of whether money can buy happiness. From one point of view, we see how having more money, can provide us with the means to meet our basic needs such as food shelter and clothing. It allows us to pursue hobbies and experiences that bring joy to our lives. On the other hand, the controversy of money and material goods can also lead to stress and anxiety and the joy that they bring us can quickly fade over time.

However, the impact that money has on our happiness is not limited to the purchasing of material goods. Money can also provide us with greater opportunities for personal and professional growth, for example, having the financial resources to pursue higher education or start a business can lead to greater career advancement and personal fulfillment. Money can also provide us with the freedom to explore new experiences and opportunities such as volunteering abroad or learning a new skill.

Many of us find having a stable source of income from a part-time job can indeed bring a sense of relief and comfort, for example, having the ability to work part-time while studying allows paying for daily expenses while also having a little extra spending money for entertainment and social purposes. This reduces the stress and anxiety that comes with worrying about how I'll pay for my daily needs, allowing me to focus on my studies and other pursuits that bring me happiness and joy.

When does it stop?

While money can bring happiness in these ways, when does it stop? There is evidence to suggest that once we reach a certain level of income and material comfort the link between money and happiness becomes weaker this is because we become accustomed to our possessions and the joy, they bring us fades over time. Research has shown that beyond a certain point having more money does not lead to an increase in happiness. This is because we are never truly satisfied with what we have, and we are always striving for more which leads to a never-ending cycle that can be physically and mentally draining.

Another factor to consider is the impact that money has on our relationships. Money can create problems and conflict within our relationships as well as with society, as people often compare their wealth and status to others, leading to feelings of jealousy and envy and wanting to compete to become the "best". This can also lead to a sense of materialism and consumerism where people focus more on acquiring material goods and competing than forming meaningful relationships.

Don’t get me wrong, money is important, but it is not the only factor that can determine our overall happiness and well-being in life, there is more to it than that. Instead, health, relationships, and experiences with people as well as our personal self-development and growth can all contribute to our happiness and fulfillment. For example, having the ability to volunteer, start a career and meet new people can bring a sense of purpose to our lives that make us want to wake up and feel worth living. Pursuing hobbies and interests such as art, music, and sports can also improve our self-growth and development which brings happiness and satisfaction which is not dependent on materialism.

The answer

In conclusion, the relationship between money and happiness is complex. While yes, money can bring happiness to some extent by providing us with the means to meet our basic needs and desires, it will always lead us to be greedy and think what is next? As humans, we thrive off needs and desires therefore, we will never be fulfilled.

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