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Does Money Really Buy Happiness?

Are we allowing money to control our emotions?

Money/forms of currency have always been, and always will be a huge factor in today's society. Without money, people are bound to struggle and live a harder life. Money is what makes the world go round. But does having an abundance of money really make you truly and deeply happy? This question has been a hugely debated topic that many will resonate with. However, I strongly believe that there is no right or wrong answer and is purely based on opinion.

What even is happiness?

Firstly, we must discuss what exactly is happiness? People can have different ideas of true happiness however, typically it involves a sense of fulfilment, joy, satisfaction and contentment with themselves and their surroundings. So, how does money contribute to this? Money can easily temporarily make someone happy by allowing them to buy the things they have always wanted, maybe a car they have always wanted or a pair of shoes that they are attracted too. This can quickly make someone happy at the time but is usually only in that small moment, eventually that happiness fades. Having money allows you to buy the things you always wanted but can't buy you everything, that to a person will make them happy. Such as natural beauty, health, knowledge, love and so much more. This to many, may be what they truly aspire to achieve which in turn will lead to happiness. So, money can't buy everything but money allows people to have choices and options.

I strongly believe that money can contribute towards happiness, it makes our lives easier having money and the ability to afford a luxurious and stress free life. Lots of people stress as they don't have financial freedom and struggle to buy simple things. Furthermore, people will always chase money and find that they can never get enough, leading to an endless cycle of trying to get more and more leading them in a circle of never reaching that status they want. If they aren't where they want to be then are they really happy? Regularly people with lots of money struggle to find a strong friendship group or relationship as many people will pretend to like someone in order to have access to high amounts of money. Without strong relationships with others and people who you can trust your life because dull and boring we as humans are social beings and struggle when left alone for extensive periods of time. It can make people depressed and simply unhappy. Money can't buy true friends. Good times and memories cannot always be bought with a price tag. As a big part of creating memories is creating them with people you love. Sure, you can buy an exotic and fancy holiday to the Maldives with all your money, but is it really enjoyable by yourself? Who will you share and speak about the memories with if you have no friends?

Being able to find happiness in others

Lots of people will have lots of money and simply give it away to places like charities or individuals who need it more than they do. Doing this is more likely to make a person happy. Being able to help someone who really needs it can mean a lot. Sometimes to people, happiness is about others.

Sometimes, people don't need to give any money at all, just their own time and they will find happiness in doing the things they love. People can find happiness in a sport, volunteering, a certain hobby that doesn't require any money at all. Of course money might be able to enhance an experience. Say someone enjoys playing and watching football. Money can buy tickets to football games, buy new football boots and football gear which can enhance that happiness. But it all is rooted to football making them happy. Even without this their love for football and playing the sport will still make them happy.

So, does it?

In conclusion, I think money itself cannot buy a person's happiness. It may help to allow more opportunities and better choices, however if someone is content with their lives, who can tell them they aren't happy because they aren't a millionaire? Happiness is whatever a person defines it as.

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