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Does Money Define Us?

Everything has a price.

Money paves the way for a lot of children and growing up with or without it changes your thought process. Money is needed for pretty much everything such as luxuries and basic needs like food, a home, clothes, healthcare. The advice we get and the early experience we go through, and see people go through whilst we are growing up builds us.

Everyone grows up in a different household. Some rich, some comfortable, some poor. But how does that portray who we are? The rich get more luxuries, more food, more advantages, but does this define them? What about the downside or the things that are not spoken about? Most studies show that children who have been brought up wealthy and privileged grow up with anxiety, depression and substance abuse. Some of these issues come from parents being absent a lot which therefore means they do not have a role model in their lives to look up to or follow. So where do they learn what’s wrong and what’s right? The truth is they don’t, they have to figure that out for themselves.

People who come from poor families understand the difficulties of not having everything they want. People who are wealthy tend to be bad at budgeting and people who don’t come from wealthy backgrounds are usually good at it as they understand the struggles of earning money through their parent, they see how their parents bought only necessities and what they could afford. These are the people that they look up to, the people who they want to be like when they’re older. Psychological studies show adults that come from low income families develop depression, aggression and psychological stress.

Everyone has heard the expression, money can’t buy happiness. We all have that desire to be rich and get everything that we want. But does that determine if we are happy or not? The answer is no. There are so many other factors that bring us happiness, for example, family, friends, relationships. None of these things have anything to do with money yet still brings us immense happiness, without that what is the point of money. You can’t buy your happiness, or can you? Money will pretty much get you anything you need or want but will it get you happiness, will it give you meaning to life, that all depends on you. The way you act, the way you treat others, the way you handle difficulties in life, it all shows who you are as a person. That is what defines who you are but how does money come into all of this? It’s all about the different encounters we have had with it in the past, the things that happened that make you decide these things.

Sometimes our emotions guide our financial decisions which can make things go out of control and smart decisions are not made. These emotions may come from past experience or advice you have been give maybe from family or friends, however, it may not be the right advice. Anger is a huge emotion that affects these choices, there are so many reasons for this. In reference to upbringing, a person who was bullied during their childhood may have held back anger throughout their life which could cause rash decision making when it comes to money. It could be through a desire to constantly prove themselves since past trauma didn’t allow them to.

To conclude, money is the route of all our problems but also the solution. Experiences are a big concern, the wrong experiences can dissuade and scare you from the right path. Coming from a poor family may not be as good as coming from a rich one but it makes a person more aspirational, and it makes them work harder for the things they want. It makes them try and succeed in life. Some may say that rich people are stuck up or rude but they also endured difficulties in life, and its the way they were taught to deal with it that defines them. You could even say its not their fault as that’s the way they were brought up.

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