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Does Money Buy Happiness?

In the short answer - Yes. But it doesn't last.

I think this question can be answered in many ways and it all comes down to own word.


I think some would view those that answer "yes" as perhaps materialistic, and a larger consumer.

However, I view it as money does buy happiness, but only temporarily.

Money provides safety and security. Human beings need money to make life possible, such as for shelter, food, healthcare and having a good education.

It also provides reassurance, a sense of control and certainty, knowing that we have access to these necessities.

I think a better way of looking at it is that - money can HELP you achieve happiness - to an extent.

The money itself does not provide happiness, rather, provides opportunities that do so.

For instance, purchasing a desired item, or going on holiday with family. Additionally, having an abundance, allows you to work less, therefore you can do more things you enjoy.

However, it depends on the person, what they use the money for and the opportunities they decide to pursue. Also - these are only temporary pleasures, that have short-term satisfaction.

I believe the question cannot be answered directly and should be reviewed as more of a discussion.

Therefore, I recommend you ponder rather, what truly makes you happy and how you can achieve it.

Think of what you value and what will provide prolonged happiness.

Additionally, due to most pleasures being temporary, as I have mentioned, only providing short-term satisfaction; we should look into improving our baseline happiness.

I'm not going to tell you to buy an educational lifestyle book, listen to a podcast, buy an exercise package or a better mattress that will help you get better sleep. These are all things that would improve your baseline happiness, but you already know that.

Rather, it's about the way you think - going back to perception.

One way you can improve your baseline happiness is through the Law of Attraction.

What is the law of attraction?

The philosophy suggesting that: whatever you focus your energy on will come back to you.

By focusing on what you want to achieve, the law states that you will emit positive energy to attract those achievements to you.

Positive thoughts bring positive results into a person's life, while negative thoughts bring negative outcomes.

In order to achieve law of attraction, you must implement 3 steps into your daily routine.

The 3 important steps are:

  1. Identifying your current philosophy

  2. Recognising your inner and outer monologue

  3. Recognising the material you are consuming

The first step 'Identifying your philosophy', includes the concept of 'looking through a different lens'.

For instance, the half-full or half-empty cup perspective. You must manipulate your mind into thinking a 'half-full' mindset, referring to a more positive and optimistic outlook - therefore being more fulfilled.

The second step includes 'recognising your inner and outer monologue'.

For instance, saying "I'm bored", your brain will make you feel more bored. Whereas, if you say, "this could be more interesting", your brain will begin to look for interesting aspects.

The third step includes 'recognising the material you are consuming'.

Material is very accessible, especially in this current day and age, and can have a significant effect on your mood and mindset.

For example, social media, often displays unpleasant and displeasing news and by checking your phone first thing in the morning this can be harmful.

Also, the use of social media has increased, and it is very easy to fall into a routine of checking our devices and social media and enter a never ending 'rabbit-hole'. Therefore, I recommend you to recognise the type of material you are consuming and remove what may be negatively effecting you.

Additionally, you should acknowledge the time of day you are exposing yourself to this material as human beings are more emotional during the night time. Therefore, checking social media during this time before you sleep can be damaging.

As a result of these practices, you are unknowingly practicing law of attraction which will increase your personal satisfaction and happiness. As you will go through life with a more positive perspective, therefore increasing your 'baseline' happiness.

Ultimately, temporary satisfactions are important - so be generous to yourself and go on holiday and buy things you desire. Additionally, it is important to look forward to something.

However, prolonged happiness is the ultimate goal.

The lows are inevitable and are important to have; to have the highs, and truly appreciate the highs.

But it is also important to recognise that what you have right now should be enough; and never being satisfied is harmful and damaging.

Therefore, it is all about perspective.

To conclude, money can provide happiness, but only to an extent. By implementing the law of attraction, you can improve your base-line happiness and contentment overall.

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