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Does Money Buy Happiness?

Having your pocket full doesn't always mean your heart is too

One of the most commonly asked questions that humans ask themselves is, 'Does money buy you happiness?'. Everyone has their own opinion based off of their upbringing, lifestyle, and much more. There's no definite answer to the question, but it is commonly agreed that being rich doesn't mean you're happy.

Rich vs. Happy

These two words, rich and happy, are very frequently used together. Humans associate having lots of money with being very happy. Being rich suggests that you can afford fancy things and take part it luxury experiences and for the most part, these things bring happiness to humans. But, happiness is not just found in expensive items, it can be found many others ways. Happiness is found in natural beauty, in achievement, and much more. The little things that you do on a daily basis bring you happiness. There's a number of people who have big bank accounts, but no responsibility. They can just spend and spend and spend without finding any meaningfulness within the spending. For example, as a young kid, you might find a new toy that you really desire, but you don't have the money to buy it. So you work hard to earn whatever money you can, and eventually you can afford the toy. After your purchase, you're filled with a sense of pride and achievement from your hard work. These small victories can fill you up with lots of joy and happiness.

Where Can We Find Happiness In Our Everyday Life?

Happiness is vital to humans, without happiness our lives feel worthless and almost pointless, That why it is important to surround yourself with things and people that make you happy. You don't need to have boat loads of money to make yourself happy. Self love is one of the most important steps to a happy life. Taking care of your mental and physical wellbeing is so important. Love yourself before you love others. By learning to make yourself happy first, will make it easier for you to find happiness in other people and other things.

Things you can do daily for free that can bring you happiness

Going for a walk

Make your bed

Pet your animal

Hang out with friends

Read a book

Watch a funny video

Look at baby pictures

Learn a new language

Get some exercise

Play a board game



Organize your room

Listen to some music


Learn to skateboard

Go to the beach

There's numerous ways to bring happiness into your day that don't even involve money. The little things in life will bring your joy that you may not even notice. There are people with more money than you could ever imagine, but can't name one thing they did in their day that made them happy. It is important to be grateful for little moments of joy that we experience on a daily basis.

How Can Money Help Us Heal?

Humans would be foolish to believe that money doesn't impact our happiness in the slightest. It would be nice to have a world that didn't revolve around money, but unfortunately that's not the case. Just because money doesn't bring us automatic happiness, doesn't mean it can't help. In reality, money can help with many causes of anxiety and stress that we experience daily. For example a single mother with two kids might be stressed and anxious because she is struggling to pay rent on top of being a good mom to her kids. In this case, more money would help the mother focus less on financial struggles and more on being a mom. She can spend more time playing with her kids, watching them grow up, and being an amazing mom. Stress and anxiety are some of the many reasons why humans push others away or feel like their life is collapsing in front of them. Money can definitely take away a lot of our stresses and anxiety away and can help us make more time for things that make us humans happy. It's important to remember that money isn't a negative notion and even using money as motivation to work hard or strive to achieve something is very positive too. Money can leave people feeling very lonely if it used in the wrong way, but with the right intentions and constant forms of happiness surrounding you, money can help us prosper. So after all of that, what do you think, Would money buy you happiness? And if so, at what cost?

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