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Does Money Buy Happiness?

Today there is always the question can money buy people's happiness. While money can certainly make a person’s life easier and relieve financial stress, it does not guarantee happiness. It is possible for people to have a large amount of money and still be unhappy, just as possible it is for people who don’t have the privilege of being wealth to lead fulfilling and happy lives. One of the reasons that money can’t buy happiness is that it only provides temporary gratification. People may feel a thrill when they buy a new car, take a luxurious holiday or purchase a big item, but that feeling of excitement quickly goes. As people become more regular to a certain level of wealth, they tend to develop new wants and desires, leading them to pursue even more money. This cycle can continue indefinitely, with people never finding true happiness because they are still left wanting more.

Moreover, money often creates its own set of problems. People who are wealthy are often faced with more pressure and anxiety, as they must constantly work to maintain their wealth and status. They may also experience feelings of guilt and emptiness, as they realize that their wealth has not brought them the happiness they thought would happen. Another reason that money can’t buy happiness is that it can’t buy experiences and relationships, this is since money only buys temporary pleasures. Experiences such as spending time with family and friends, travelling, or learning new things are more likely to bring people joy and fulfilment. Money can buy material possessions, buy it can’t buy the emotional connections and shared experiences that bring people happiness.

On the other hand, people who give back to other and engage in community service experience a greater sense of well-being and happiness. Money can be a toll for making a difference in the world, but it cannot bring the sense of purpose and satisfaction that comes from helping those who need it most. For some people having too much money may cause them a sense of feeling isolated or lonely. People who have money find it often hard to relate to others if they aren’t in same situation as them or even finding true friends, as many people are more interested in a person’s wealth and money rather than them as individuals. People who focus their life in acquiring wealth may also miss out on many of life’s pleasures. As they miss out on opportunities to pursue their hobbies and interests, or even giving back to their community, these are ultimately the things that bring people true happiness, not material possessions such as a phones or cars. Additionally, people often have the tendency to change their circumstances, containing their level of wealth. As a result of this, even if a person experiences as an increase in wealth, they may soon return to their previous level of happiness as they get used to their new circumstances.

In addition, it is also important for people to understand that the relationship between money and happiness is complicated and differentiates from one person to another. For some people having enough money to meet their basic living needs such as having food, shelter and clothes may bring them happiness, whiles for others, a high income may be necessary has it may result in them feeling more secure and satisfied. However, it is key that we all remember that money shouldn’t be the focus in life and that it is vital to highlight experiences and relationships.

In conclusion, whilst money can provide comfort and security and can result in making things easier in life, but it cannot buy happiness. For most people true happiness comes from experiences and relationships that they have, and from having an optimistic impact on the world. While having financial security can decrease a person stress and offer peace of mind, it is not what it is vital in a happy life. Because of this people should strive to find balance in their everyday lives and focus on things that truly bring them happiness and joy whatever it be to do that, furthermore money should be seen as a means to an end, rather than the end goal.

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