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Do You Want to Be Responsible for the Fall?

Do we really need all these cars?

It is said that private transport is a big cause of greenhouse gasses. Greenhouse gases are gases that are caught in the earth atmosphere and trap heat and allow the heat from the sunlight to enter through the atmosphere but not to exit it. This leads to global warming, and we need to help stop it.

Cars may be more convenient, easier and faster modes of travel but what about the damage they do? Researchers found that transport like cars, taxis, buses etc accounted for 37% of CO2 emissions in 2021. So how about we start cutting this down?

Why not take the bus to work? Why not take the train? Or even cycle? All these minor changes, if done by enough people, can make a big difference to the world. It’s not just all about that however, it’s about you as well. It’s so much more healthier for you to take a walk or cycle, get yourself into a good routine, improve your mental health. So why not give it a go? Make a change in your life. Start now.

Cars are expensive and cost a lot to keep up and manage, public transport is cheaper, and you don’t need to maintain anything with it. Yes, it may be more time consuming and yes, it may make not be ideal for you, but we need change, and we need it now. Be a part of saving the world.

How bad is the effect of private transport?

Transport is the largest emission giver in the UK. When people use cars, they are burning petrol to create energy, this then causes a release of harmful gases into the atmosphere. It is also extremely harmful to breathe in, it is also even worse for children as they are still developing and growing so it can cause seriously if not deadly damage and you don’t want that to happen. This is why decreasing the number of vehicles on the road is important for the world.

Along with the bad there are some good sides to using private transport over public transport. One is hygiene, everything has germs, when travelling publicly anything you touch could be contaminated with a virus or something. A good example of this is the coronavirus pandemic, people were getting ill just from grocery shopping because they may have touched a trolley handle that was contaminated for example. People may want to avoid this which is why they use private transport. However, things can be don’t to help this, like carry a hand sanitiser with you or possibly even a mask.

Electric cars

Electric cars are becoming more popular, they have electrical motors rather than combustion engines making them better for the world as they produce zero tailpipe emissions. They don’t require petrol which comes from fossil fuels, which is what is causes the emissions. Electric cars work by being plugged into a charger. They are very efficient, and they make a lot less noise than a fuel-based car would.

There are some downsides to electric cars however, for example, they are very expensive, and there are not a lot of charging points for them as they are fairly new types of cars and not a lot of people have them. This means that they cannot travel very far or to places where there are no charging points around as they will run out of power and be stranded.

Electric buses

Electric buses are being introduced, 250 across the UK in 2023 which is expected to overtake all engine buses in just 12 months. This would mean reduced pollution and the smell of fumes as there is no engine because its all electric, so they will be causing more good than harm. These buses are a step in the right direction to battling climate change by having cleaner air. Electric buses also make a lot less noise than engine buses and they are also comfier for passengers to travel in.

To wrap up, climate change is a real thing, and we need to put our best efforts in to prevent it or even slow the effect down. Even one small change in your everyday life could help the world.


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