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Different Genders but Equal Rights!

In 2015, the United Nations set up The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to succeed in a brighter, better future by the year 2030. Unfortunately, that deadline is being drastically pushed back unless we come together to help make the world a happier and healthier place.

equality man woman bathroom signage

Through looking at the 17 SDGs the UN has put in place, Goal 5 – Gender Equality caught my eye as despite how far feminism and equal rights have come within society, there is still a major divide as women are discriminated against on a day-to-day basis.

Looking at the SGD 2022 Report, more than 1 in 4 women above the age of 15 have been subjected to domestic violence at least once in their lifetime, and only 57% of sexually active women are making their own informed decisions on sex and reproductive health care. This shows that 43% of women are unable to make their own decisions on what happens to their bodies.

By being more aware of these issues we can help raise awareness by speaking up and making our voices heard. By supporting the Gender Equality goal, we can change our day-to-day life by ensuring that we don’t mistreat each other, whether it’s at home or in the workplace. By treating each other as equals we diminish inequality.

Equality in the workplace

With heightened commitment from the global community, we can achieve gender equality and a better future for us all. The SGD Tracker states in 2019, women accounted for 39% of total employment but in 2020 there were 45% of global employment losses. Women are discriminated against in the workplace as equal pay isn’t always being put into place, meaning women are getting paid less despite doing the same job.

Not only women are needed to be protected by the Equality Act, but also people who are older, disabled, pregnant, have certain religious beliefs, have a sexual orientation, or undergoing gender reassignment are subject to discrimination. Many companies are beginning to promote equality and diversity in the workplace which further benefits them while also closing the inequality gap.

Diversity enables more opportunities for everyone involved, as an employer allows their company to grow with new fresh, unique ideas while also building an inclusive culture for employees to work together and respect each other. Also having equality and diversity within the workplace improves staff morale and lowers time off as employees would want to come to work.


To create a world worth living in, gender equality can become our first goal to achieve as we can unite as one and work together. Ensuring we treat each other with respect both inside and outside of work, we are setting a good example in which others will aspire to follow.


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